Friday, February 13, 2009

Cankles, They're Not Just For Dinner Anymore

My fortune today claimed, "You are a happy man." Aside from being descriptive rather than predictive fortune wise, it was partially right.

  1. I rather suspected that cankles were extra large ankles, where your calf muscles isn't discernable from your ankle, but I was not unconvinced they weren't a kind of seafood. So I googled it and found some great stuff. For the record, cankles aren't seafood.

    In particular, I found this blog called Already Pretty where she gives tips on how to pair boots with clothing so as not to create cankles where there were none. And at the bottom, gives links to her previously posted advice on how to take good photos while standing or sitting and just smiling, among other things. I remember some of the rules from my "How to be a model or just look like one" course from my high school days, but this is particularly well done and more thorough. Go look.

  2. It was my day to bring breakfast into work today. We have about a dozen of us who rotate through on friday mornings. I'm not the most extravagant, but I try not to be too bare bones either. Today I brought the requisite bagels with toppings, a dozen donuts, a dozen donut holes, and juice.

    For the bagels I brought 3 different toppings. Usually I like butter and can't stand cream cheese but everyone else likes the cream chees so I get it. There was also some port wine spreadable cheese in that display and I couldn't stop myself from getting that too. It didn't taste as great as I remember. We've also recently found out that hummus is fantastic on savory or neutral bagels. What's even better? Ham on hummus on bagel. I had this for breakfast along with a half of a coconut sprinkled donut and a glass of pomegranate-blueberry juice (Minute Maid) and it was fantastic. I even got "complaints" that I gave people too many choices and they were too full for lunch. :)

  3. I got most all of my work done this week so I won't be scrambling next week during my short week.

What made you happy today?


Junior said...

What made me happy today????
A job offer.......

CrankyOtter said...

Really? Whoo hoo!
Aside from needing the money, is it one you'll be happy taking? Or one you can live with until you find a better offer? Yay!

gail said...

Well --- I'm totally bummed --- every time I attempt to access this super how-to page it freezes my computer ---

sigh --- my bad luck is holding it appears 8-(