Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up My Nose With a Rubber Hose

Tomorrow's the day. I left the passdown at work, got my process adjusted monday so they can collect data while I'm out but I still had time to make sure it worked before leaving, and think I left everything in reasonable shape, aka needing no attention.

Mom arrived last night. We were able to do a test drive to and from the hospital over lunch which was important also because mom hasn't driven a manual car in a while. So far so good. I went back to work and she roamed my walkable neighborhood. When I got home, she had signed us up for some foot massages that wound up being way more extensive than that and definitely overdelivered. All right across the street at the herb shop next to the Indian grocery. It's the store's 4th anniversary and they had asked the massage ladies to come out to discuss needs and setup and things so they could start working tomorrow. They did a trial run and people (like my mom) saw them through the window and started asking, so they rolled with the flow and started offering services before they were ready. I'm sold. And I'm a little worried they're going to raise the $25 price because that was worth waaay more, but for $25 I'd go every week and skip dinner a couple times.

Although I did get to think about food while there because they served us tea and strawberries with the massage. And I got my second major celebrity sighting! The host of Iron Chef America came in to chat or pick something up for his trip to Thailand tomorrow. I didn't place him, but I thought he was hot and familiar looking. (And probably weighs a buck twenty.) The owners mentioned his job after I seemed confused. For the record, hottie. But I almost missed it with my eyes rolling back in my head with bliss.

So anyhow. Surgery thursday, 10am. Turbinate reduction with radiofrequency and tonsil removal. I'm going under due to the tonsils, which will actually be the tricker part of this whole operation and cause the most pain. But I've now heard that removing tonsils can improve breath. And it'll be nice not to have the achy things in my throat all the time. We'll see if I feel like blogging after the anesthesia and pain meds. As of one minute ago, I'm not allowed any more food and water until after I wake up. Later, all.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.

azteclady said...

Here's wishing you all sorts of good things to come (and good painkillers)

Knock'em dead, kiddo!