Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Otter Love, Giraffe Less So

gay, straight or otter?

So I've just now found out that "otter" has been coopted by the gay guys to be a skinny bear. Can I just say, eeewwww! While I do like scrawny guys, I do not like me the hairy ones. But as they are *gay* hairy, scrawny men, I suppose it hardly matters. Gay men are not looking to date me and my girl parts. Dodged a bullet there. I'll just go about my cranky ways, being my non-hairy-man-otter self and let the hairy-man-otters go about being themselves. There's room enough in the world for the both of us. But my eyes, my eyes!

If you want to *really* be surprised by animals, though, check out this video of giraffes whacking each other in the nads. (I think they have nads, I didn't enlarge the video enough to see for sure. But I'm thinking the bigger one fights like a girl angry with a boy, which is to say no holds barred.)


Alaskan Hellcat said...

ha! glad you found out what an otter was :) My BFF told me that The Big Guy (whom he always called my "bear daddy") has now taken a lateral move into otterdom. The Big Guy, scrawny? not so much... but he doesn't have cankles either!

CrankyOtter said...

Now I have to figure out what cankles are. Either big ankles or ossicles are what come to mind.

Sorry again to all the extra hairy guys out there. There are women (and men) out there who dig that sort of thing. Or just fall in love with the inner guy and take the outerpackage it comes with. I like to think I'm in that latter category, but I might not be, wrt hair.