Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Baby Boy Action

So that's two early babies in February so far. My boss was scheduled for the 16th, being slightly before the due date, and he boy came this morning. He was a normal size - must have read the rule book. Most of my friends wind up with 5 or 10 pounders. We're all trailing edge of the bellcurve people that way.

Fortunately her "nesting" phase involved tying up a lot of loose ends at work. Got my review signed off yesterday, the manager who is taking up some of her work is already on board, and ... I got assigned to be the process engineer in charge of the microscopes. Which is kind of weird because none of my processes require a microscope inspection. Apparently someone paid attention when I expressed concern about microscopes last year and suggested that it be someone's first priority to fix them. They did assign an equipment owner but with various comings and goings in the photo group they didn't get a consistent process owner. Maybe someone thought I'd do best because I care that they work and am not already burdened with other metrology stuff - because after sustaining all the non-photo metrology for 10 years I was actively avoiding it.

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mic said...

Finally! I found your blog again. :) Well, it must be baby time, cause my good friend just had hers on friday. i've been bringing food over every night, which gives me time to cuddle the baby. he looks exactly like his dad. freaky!