Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet

Work is crazy this week: my boss is trying to tie up loose ends (like reviews) before her imminent maternity leave; my one-of tool is down hard awaiting new parts from Europe and I have a contingency plan but it needs special testing; I have classes out the wazoo this week(can I do a nested colon? why not.): CPR/First Aid and 'Meeting Management'; my personal hormone cycle puts me at my all time low energy spot for the month (although I'm feeling much better today); and there's actually stuff I want to read and respond to at the book board.

Although freakishly busy, life's pretty good, actually.

  • My review was positive with next years guidelines along the lines of "how to be really good rather than just pretty good" not "OMG you're a trainwreck".
  • The nose surgery should happen Feb 19th
  • The date is over his cold and we were able to get together monday before the work chaos ensued.
  • There's more positive energy for me over finding a contingency plan than negative from my tool getting taken out by a power outage.
  • My CPR instructor (3 years running) wears more mascara than anyone else I know, although even that was toned down this year. But in what I think of as "Hollywood Instructor Style" she was sporting a pencil skirt and 4" stilletos with an ankle strap on her 6' frame. She cracks me up. She's always dressed. Then has great stories about construction accidents, arterial blood spurts on the job, and the self-heimlich (She's one of the few more accident prone than I am.).
  • A friend of mine will be in town on Saturday, so when both of our saturday work schedules allow, we'll be able to meet up.

So I didn't ditch you and I haven't forgotten about the manhandles, I just haven't been home and conscious long enough to drill holes.

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