Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kitchen Tour IIa

For real this time, I mean it. I gave up on blogger video after being thwarted about 4 times. If New Door Knobs can upload a 1:19 runtime hamster video, I can certainly get the 1:20 kitchen video going. I can learn, eventually. YouTube works much better.

I don't point out the cool corner lazy susan to the left of the stove; I think I'll live with the sink for now; I do plan to change faucets to something very similar but not the same; and I'll probably wait until I get the pulls installed before I re-video the place. But for now. This'll do.

Punch list: I've taken out the weird tile at the entrance and just need to install the whole tiles in their place. Then use the removed tiles to fill in toekick gaps. Need to install the toekick, for that matter. Still don't have drywall up so it sounds like the dishwasher is running from the far corner. The range hood is not totally worked out yet either, but I have removed all the hanging pots so I can repaint without the funky yellow that I used in lieu of primer. I now have primer and am getting sick of the yellow stripe. The countertop cutout by the sink window still needs figuring out. I've switched the silverware drawer to the right and the utensil drawer to the left. So far, the kitchen, it is working.


azteclady said...


It looks great, E! You've done so much work in such a short amount of time, it's amazing.

(me has kitchen envy now)

S said...

That's excellent! I think my favorite bit is the new pantry area -- it's so much better than the giant shallow cabinet that was originally there. Do you still want to go with a 50/50 double sink, or a differently split double, or a single?

And yeah, YouTube is the easy way to handle videos. I'd probably have wasted a bunch of time trying to load directly to blogland first too, except WordPress FAQs made it clear that uploading videos wouldn't work at all with fee accounts.