Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Question of Time

I'm kinda sorta maybe trying not to be nocturnal with all this time on my hands. I got up today and finished some laundry. I'm headed out to pick up a couple books from a friend. Yeah, maybe I could get them from the library, but I'd like to see my friend. I had a bit of "I don't know anyone here" panic again yesterday. And I could swear I had glommed the lot of these books! Now I can only find numbers 1,2 & 4 of 5. Naturally I stayed up until the ass crack of dawn reading number 2, hence the whole "kinda sorta maybe".

I did get out though and went to see "Charlie Wilson's War" written with wit and style by Aaron Sorkin. Entertaining and educational but still not preachy when making a point. Two thumbs up. Mostly a mature audience, and we laughed much of the way through. Gems like, "Why does congress say one thing and do nothing?" Charlie raises a glass of whiskey and replies, "Tradition, mostly." Tee hee!

Afterward I had a jones for a margarita, no salt, heavy on the lime to cut the salt of the tiny popcorn I'd had - $2/bag for a fundraiser gave me just the right amount but daaammmn was that salty! I hit up a mexican chain restaurant's bar and it was almost totally deserted, so no help on the interacting with people part of the plan, but I got a margarita and a surprisingly fabulous chicken breast with mixed veggies that totally hit the spot.

I also made bread while listening to an old Depeche Mode album. I bought the motherlode of eggs from the farmer's market guy for the cookie party before going through the recipes and realizing that I only needed about 8 eggs. I've been having hard boiled eggs and lots of omlettes so I figured I'd burn thru some eggs by making an egg bread. I used a Williams Sonoma recipe and apparently they have a non-denominational recipe title policy because everyone else calls this Challah.

Before baking. I'm rather proud of my neat braid.
Braided raised dough, saffron colored

And it looks good!
Braided baked bread

A skosh overdone, even though I checked the oven temp and took it out 5 minutes early. But that just meant a lush center and thicker crust. It is tasty! Success!
Bread cut into, fine texture, slice with PBnJ
(It's half gone as of this morning.)

And I thought about going back to update previous posts but heck. Here are some more pictures. My little tree of happiness.

And my friend's boys. One is nearly 10, the other is nearly 1. For anyone who worried that they wouldn't know each other well, I thnk it's safe to say that they're well acquainted. I caught this shot during a brief pause in the wrestling portion of the evening. The older boy was gentle but relentless.
Wrasslin' boys, referee hold

Off to get some books!


fw2 said...

I got the book for Dh from the library.


Anonymous said...

What a cute photo of the 2 boys, you can tell the older 1 is being gentle too!

ain't gonna challah back girl, ain't gonna challah back.... I am now hankering for a slab of hot bread with butter and blueberry jam.

~Pavlov's Dog