Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Every Now and Then

I get a little bit angry. Every now and then I fall apart.

I thought the smoothest transistion for my NetBank account to ING would be to let them do the automatic conversion this weekend. I copied down all my automatic payment information so I could re-create it this week. I finally got my new account info in the mail on Tuesday. Tuesday night, their server was down and asked me to try again later. Wednesday night, I get the log in page. I enter my user id in the only available entry location on the log in page and hit "next". It shows me the same page again. So I doublecheck the number and click next again. It shows me the same page again. I read all the possible options on the page and find nothing new. The next time I do this, I get a "you've maxed out your login tries, call our helpline" message. Um, I haven't gotten as far as logging in yet, you fuckers. I use a good, popular, well supported browser. Your damn interface is crap.

And the helpline? Open 8am to 8pm...Eastern. For me, that's 5am to 5pm. I'm either asleep or at work during those hours. And recently work has been so busy I can barely pee, let alone call some helpline for some indeterminate amount of time. (Although I did manage 10 minutes to snag some extra packing material from the loading dock's recycling stash for the pumpkins.) Tomorrow I have a meeting at 8:15, 8:30, 9:10, 10, and 11. And possibly at 2, although I might have taken myself out by that point. When exactly am I going to call ING Fucking Direct? And most likely announce to everyone in my cube area all the security tidbits they'd ever need to know to open an account in my name.

So far, not liking the ING Direct. The only thing going for them as far as I'm concerned is the corporate color of orange, and it's not enough. And I had to get this out because my other project of the night is photographing and packing glass, and right now I'm in the "I need to throw things" state of mind which is not very compatible with handling glass.

Please, if you have an online bank that you like which supports online bill paying, let me know. I have a We.lls.Far.go account for cashing checks and getting money out of the wall, but I'm not thrilled with their bill pay interface and I like to have 2 accounts with different banks, for flexibility. I'm not about to join up with BoA - people come out of the woodwork to tell me their BoA horror stories. If ING doesn't clean up well tomorrow, my money needs a new way station. Stupid FDIC closing my most excellent bank for my "own good" when they had 10% more funds than accounts drawing on them.

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