Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pumpkin Mojo

I've been having issues finding someone to make stems for my glass pumpkins who bothers to show up. I have orders to fill so I wound up hiring the studio manager to help me out and it went pretty well, although I was frustrated by not having my mojo going on right away. The mojo is all about having the heat in the right place at the right time. The room temperature matters as does the color choice of the pumpkin. I did ok, but not great. I think I made some good looking gourds, but they weren't as big as I was going for and they took longer to futz with than usual - although I did deliberately make some of them smaller for a lower price point.

Actually, it was a miracle I got there at all. My 3rd stage alarm - the beeper - didn't go off because the switch was only *mostly* on, and I slept until 11:45 but I was supposed to be there at 11. Whoops! I got there a little after 1 and set up a bazillion colors - most of them part of an orange blend - because sight unseen, people ask for orange pumpkins. I like other colors better. I managed to make a slick black one with an orange stem. I want to see how it looks when cooled off. I'll post pictures when I get them picked up.

Good things today:
  1. My uncle takes care of my grandma (his and my dad's mom) and deals with her finances. He just sent a lovely update with pictures and things are going as expected.
  2. Yay! I got the pumpkins done! Hopefully these will be enough of the right thing to fill the christmas orders I already have.
  3. I'm liking the new dining room layout. It's not done, but the hard things are done, as are the pesky things like painting, so it's already more relaxing. And I still have energy today.
  4. I've been reading some lovely threads on the book club board - so many I can't keep up - but someone posted about thanksgiving and I realized I talked a lot about thanksgiving but not a lot about what I'm thankful for. As the online book club is is the source of most of my Left Coast friends, I'm very thankful for the interwebs that let me meet new friends and keep the old.

Off to finish painting the shelf, remount the secretary door, and read a book from the TBR mountain range. (Yes, C, I did steal that phrase from you!)


Anonymous said...

Laughing at you, Cranky! I'm going to ... er ... borrow one of Tom's phrases about how you can't steal what is freely offered. Really, "pile" just doesn't cover it anymore.

I agree. It's been nice to see some positive energy on the BB. Sorry I didn't make it all the way down the Roll Call thread to respond to you. As someone else said in an email to me, the thing took on a life of its own. It was great to see newbies and long-timers alike connecting and reconnecting.

Loved your Thanksgiving pics, although I'm still mystified by the Terduken. Also had to laugh at the "anyone who knows me knows I can't do just one sentence." Uh-huh.

From someone else who can't do just one sentence either.


janet w said...
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Alaskan Hellcat said...

The friends that we have Thanksgiving with every year have been BEGGING to try a terduken, but The Big Guy is having none of it! He thinks it's "unnatural"?!??
Can't wait to cut down our tree and whip out that gorgeous ornament you gave me. what a strange word. I always think it should be spelled "ord-a-mints". Off to pick through my TBR mountain as well....

MarciaBC said...

My group of pod people have a joke that the way readers commit suicide is to jump from their TBR piles.

Glad to hear about the pumpkins! :-)


CrankyOtter said...

So while I link to my name from here, I'm trying to actually keep it not searchable here. This is a repost of Janet W's Dec 3, 1 minute before midnight post, only without my name. If you do want my glass, go to the sidebar!

Boast boast boast: I have 24 STUNNING ornaments ~ they are seriously like fine art. My dh's employees are going to LOVE them. So, send me a little tag line that I can put in each box so they can go to your WEBSITE, OK?

For anyone reading, his company colours are green and gold and she created mystical impossible green balls sprinkled with gold in a way that looks like the earth from the moon: FABULOUS!!!

CrankyOtter said...

C: Yeah, I got a bit overwhelmed by the lively roll call. I only have so many hours in a day and I couldn't work in reading it all. I feel bad about that, but one must make choices. So I read the people I already knew and cared about and had to let many of the rest go.

MBC: I should be picking up the pumpkins tomorrow! Oh, I hope they look good. I only made 2 of 9 with unknown colors, so it should be ok.

janetw: Thanks for the enthusiasm for my ornaments. Sorry to repost it, but I really have been trying to keep my actual name out of the blog. And your tags are in the mail. I upgraded to cardstock this year.

And I got through 2 of the books in the TBR. They were fine, but not excellent. Worth reading if one has interest, not if one doesn't.