Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is There Something to Do?

So I've paid the bills, cleaned the pad, done some laundry, mailed the gifts... For the first time in almost ever, I have no last minute thing to do before Christmas. I'm home and I'm not stressed out about everything I have to do. There are plenty of things I can do, I just don't have to do any of them. Which leaves me time to want a date of some sort. I do have plans with friends, but none of them dates. I should check on match again. I might actually go see a movie.

I've had some TV going most of the day. I watched the gingerbread mansion contest and realized thta the most important things are choice of project and project planning skills (practiced, preferably). Now there's the guy who hosts "The secret life of..." some food. He's cute and nice, but just strikes me as dim.

Oh, and I've committed myself to a half hour + of exercise every day I'm not working. Yesterday I did the legs (3wts) and cardio (1 wt with a break) of the BodyRev essentials workout (then went and got a massage). Today, I've done 2 sets of 10 puss-ups. I think I'll go for a walk but I should hurry or it'll be dark.

Somewhere I have a list of stuff to do with myself when I don't have something I have to do (that I'm probably putting off). I should find it.


fw2 said...

My bro is leaving this morning for Florida for a few days. I'd set you up with him... after he loses 100lbs... but trust me... he'd drive you BATTY!!! fast.

Friends over tonight... what time does your flight arrive???? :)


CrankyOtter said...

FW2 - why did you have to delete your blog? I used your link sidebar to get to places I was too lazy to put on my own site, or didn't visit enough to warrant such placement. Now, though, my need for web randomness is making me itchy. And don't set me up with anyone you think I'd find annoying! I'll be fine, thanks.

fw2 said...

Should get you around the net :)