Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Best of All Possible Worlds

There are things I'm very pragmatic about. How long it takes to do things is not one of them. How long it takes to get somewhere? Nope. I tend to underestimate. One could say I misunderestimate quite dramatically. I'd pretty much need to teleport to get places in the amount of time I think is required. Additionally, while in my head I know how long it takes to make ornaments, I forget that not every one of them is stunning and saleable, and I'm not a robot, so I need to add more time. Meaning that I made ornaments for six and a half hours today, and just maybe might have enough to fill my orders.

The trick with the ornaments is that last year I made a lot of large ones. This year, I got asked for small ones. So I made small ones. I have lots of small ornaments. Then I got a huge order for big ornaments. And so I had to make a lot of big ornaments but I had only today to do it. We'll see how many turned out. I think I have a reasonable chance. And that assumes I don't drop the lot on the way home. Usually a reasonable assumption, but I'll be driving about a lot tomorrow. With a carload of pumpkins and ornaments.

On the theme of the best of all possible worlds, I think that describes a lot fo the movie "Love Actually", so I'm watching it again for probably the dozenth time. (Only the Bourne Identity, A Christmas Story, and Big Trouble in Little China probably have more viewings.) I tear up a bit every time during the wedding between Ki.era and the operative from Serenity. Even more now that I know they modeled the scene on Jim H.enson's funeral, where everyone brought their mup.pets along, somewhat covertly, then busted them out at the end. Or so the story goes. I like HG's crush on Natalie, and when he threatens to send the SAS after her ex. I like CF trying to speak portugese. I like the body doubles discussing traffic. Well, I like pretty much the whole show. Everything but the mobile phone ring, and the cheating bit. And noone's buttocks get sacrificed to feed the people.

I kind of wish they'd left the Christmas Farts scenes in. Comedic genius. Is there any way to replay a DVD with all the deleted scenes reinstated? Of course I'd settle for being able to fix the brightness that has been washing out all my movies recently. I've fiddled with all the picture settings I can find and still get a lot of wash out. I don't remember this happening often before, just during my last couple of movies.


Wade said...

I must say that you have good taste in movies; I have watched A Christmas Story and Big Trouble in Little China countless times, to the point where they are memorized. I saw the Bourne Identity twice, and it was an excellent movie. I have never seen Love, Actually.

CrankyOtter said...

Oh, you must see Love Actually! Well, if you like campy love stories. Some are touching, some are very hollywood (only really, it's British movies mocking hollywood) - one guy decides he's hopeless at home and goes off to find hot chicks in wisconsin. It's totally how I imagine the rest of the world sees the US based on hollywood.

Oh, and I forgot the Princess Bride. I've watched that a lot too, and Pulp Fiction every so often.

And I bought a 4 pack of pomegranate Rockstars. On your advice, I'll try to ration them, but I might have to overdose.