Monday, December 17, 2007

C is for Cookie

Resolving to be happy for what does happen rather than what doesn't held me in good stead for enjoying my weekend. It was all good, from my point of view, but when people ask me how it went, I feel the need to qualify it. So here it is, my weekend in frogurt format.

Good:Several friends called me at intervals throughout the day friday, from CA.
Bad:Northern CA. I'm in Southern. For those not from here, it's like going from Boston to NY or NY to DC. Or one midwestern state to the next.
Good:My friend stranded there by the snow in Boston enjoyed the suggestions I gave her and had a fine dinner at the Stinking Rose, walked up to Coit tower for the view and exercise, then had a sundae at Ghirardelli Square. Another gave me good feedback on my ornaments. Another gave me good feedback on my ornaments and offered to get me a date. Another assured me that they loved me and offered to get me a date.
Bad:The last couple might not remember that offer of getting me a date. Plus, NORcal.

Good:Saturday I had my first solo booth at a craft fair selling my glass.
Glass sale booth
Bad:This involved carting a bunch of stuff by myself and a dozen trips to and from my car in the course of the day.
Good:There were lots of people through
Bad:Not many of them bought anything from anybody
Good:I sold enough to make back the low fee, and met some lovely local crafters who told me about the higher profit sales.
Bad:Aside from earning about $5 an hour, it wasn't bad! And the guy next to me was a biker making jewelry. Gotta love that.

Good:Sunday was the cookie baking party.
Bad:I worked like a dog cleaning the place up. I was still pretty much cleaning at the time the party was supposed to start. And then some.
Good:The place is now spotless. Guest Worthy.
cleaned up living room
Also, I got all the powder/hairspray mix out of the bathroom tile grout. I like the squalor free bathroom.
Bad:No one actually used the bathroom, so all that angst over what the neighbors would think of my squalor was for naught, although I am reaping the benefits.
Good:We made a TON of cookies. Almost all of them were fantastic, being tested at previous Boston based Cookie Parties.
Bad:The new sugar cookie recipe I tried out was not good and not roll-out-able. It goes in the trash.
Good:Chocolate Hotties, Zalettis (cornmeal current), Persimmon cookies, Macaroons, Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, and oatmeal butterscotch bars. Already somewhat picked over.
Many Cookies, some already eaten
All fabulous if I do say so myself. I follow the recipes on all of these, btw, because I know they work. Although I think I prefer oatmeal cookies to bars.
Bad:Only 4 people came.
Good:Four people came to help! We had a good time! The last two didn't leave until 2 hours after my advertised stopping time, but that was fine, they clearly needed the down time.
Good:I almost totally cleaned up already.
Good:My coworkers liked the cookies I took for them today.

Other good things I can't wait another day to say:
  • I got an ING checking account opened and set up bill pay for all my stuff, at least for this month. I shouldn't be missing payment times on the most important stuff, and I might be able to negotiate the remainder.
  • I got out some christmas gifts to the people who will likely care most whether or not they get something on time. The ones who won't be home might be waiting a few more days, (even though we all know I bought the stuffed and other books weeks ago).
  • My floor is clean again and I can exercise there.
  • A friend who has taken up making glass beads might want to share a sale booth with me in the coming year. That would be a fun because it would be friendly for us, we can spell each other for bathroom breaks without taking the cashbox along, and we can split the fee. and between the two of us, address all your art glass needs.

Despite the recent rash of people quitting their blogs (I'll update the sidebar soon), I think I'll be here for a while longer. I have more to say. I just hope I still have a reader or two!


MarciaBC said...

Hi ya! I'm here, occasionally.

And yes, the check is in the mail. I know you aren't supposed to trust that phrase from someone working in government, but I made a special stop this morning before driving to work. Hopefully, it will arrive promptly.


Trudy said...

Don't leave us!!!! We would miss you!!!

I baked Guccidadi (Italian Fig Cookies), Chocolate Chip, Macadamia White Chocolate, Snickerdoodles, Oatmeal-PeanutButter, Fruit Cake Cookies. I must stay away from them because I have found myself eating at least two or three everyday.

Want to pass along something kinda neat I am doing. My MIL has about 5 sets of dishes. She has this one set she was keeping in the basement that were one of the great grandmas.....they aren't too practical because they have gold leaf (can't microwave or wash in dishwasher). For whatever reason, hubby brought them home (I think he got them out of the house to throw away here). Well, we were going to toss them or list on Freecy.cle.....instead, I am using the plates so that when I bring a plate of cookies somewhere, I don't have to retrieve the plate, they can stay (OK, I am pawning them off on everyone I know)......I think when I run out, will look for more treasures at flea markets or garage sales (or just get another set from MIL)

CrankyOtter said...

Trudy: Thanks for the love.
My mother would physically kill me if I gave away grandma's gold leafed plates. But once I got over the thought of potential pain to me, I can see where that's a good idea. What good are dishes you never use? And what a lovely gift! My actual dishes are a mix of styles of white plates from garage sales and bowls of various sorts from art sale potters. So maybe some of the eclectic white ones were gift dishes once :)

Any chance you can email me the recipe for Guccidadi or post a link? I happen to love figs. I need to stop eating my spare Zaletti dough. (cornmeal and currAnts. doh)

I'm cracking out the "Wish for Wings that Work" for christmas. Thanks for the idea!