Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I need to figure out something that made me happy today. My tool is still kind of broken, and it's sucking up all my time and has to stop. A fair number of people at work have been sick with some plague that is making them miss many work days, and my mom in another state seems to have it too. I had a weird online exchange with a friend. It's raining the day after my car wash. This guy on the food network is calling biscotti /bis-COAT-ee/ instead of /bis-KAW-tee/ as I'm used to hearing it and I don't like it. I could get cranky about this, but it's not worth it and I need a nap.

What is good.
  1. I contacted our other site that has a tool like my cranky one and they've both validated my engineering judgment to keep the tool down and given us another option to try.

  2. My libido hasn't totally gone AWOL. I was distracted part of the day by some funky fantasies. (I need to prioritize that whole getting a date thing.)

  3. One of the managers decided to organize a hiking trip and biker burger bar trip during the holiday and used me to bounce ideas off of. I like hiking but I can't go on my own due to rattlesnakes. (I'm not afraid of them like some people are, but I have a healthy respect for the fact that they can cause severe injury or death and I want backup. Or someone to step behind.)

  4. I'm going to be helping with an adv. development project (going in early on the 24th!) and the manger gave me a $100 thanks award today, which I can exchange for an Amex gift certificate.

  5. I sat next to another romance reader at lunch today. I had my Wine Spectator magazine but noticed her pick and started a small conversation as I was paying my bill.

  6. The car wash includes vacuuming, interior window wash, and trash removal, so it was not for naught.

  7. The UPS store might sell some of my left over ornaments for me!
I could dwell on the annoying things, but look how many good things there were! I'd much rather think about those. As a byproduct of this "find good things anyway" experiment, I find I lose patience with people who are consistently negative and don't seem to want to change that. I do find that I'm more content overall these days. Even if I have an occasional day when I want to throw things at a wall, I find it's easier to get back on track if I blog the good stuff.


janet w said...

You put the first smile on my face of the day ... well, maybe the second or third but it was unexpected :)

I'm somehow so tied into the life of you (why couldn't you replace The Hills now that Lauren is going off to Gay Paree?) that I checked everyday to see if you were going to write about your cookie party ... it sounded wonderful!

Wade said...

Good to know that your libido hasn't gone AWOL. I found mine again while reading a book. :)

CrankyOtter said...

The cookie party is the best. I'm glad I'm able to carry on the tradition. It's the classic "invite friends to your chore" to make something fun. Plus it's an easier sell than "come over and do laundry" night, being seasonally apt.

I also found mine while reading a book. A non-vanilla book. Must remember to hit up the west hollywood book fair again next year. heh. Always nice to know that it's still kicking. I must do something more interesting with it one of these days.