Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good thing I like driving

I'd initially resisted the idea of heading to northern CA for the weekend because I've just been exhausted. Not "nap on the couch after work" tired, but just fatigued from not enough sleep. I went with the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" theory once again. And this time it was a great idea. Many blessings came my way recently, here are three.
  1. The trip to NorCal is detailed here in two parts. This was 947 miles round trip. It was nice because I'm starting to be more comfortable with my new friends out here.

    Part 1 : Part 2

    Perhaps because I only knew one person going into it, I met even more friendly people at the party saturday, including one guy who lives a couple hours south of here and wants to meet up and watch Firefly. I'm not sure how date-like that will turn out, but hey, he's another Joss Whedon fan that's close enough to see on weekends. I'll take it for now. It was nice to be flirted with, I must say.
  2. Please note that the Force of Nature countdown for Suz Brockmann's next release has begun! Fun!
  3. I did even MORE driving on monday, 140 miles for the day. My cousin J called from LAX with a 9 hour layover on her way back to Taiwan for another year of teaching. I was able to take a loooonnnnng lunch and go see her for the first time since we ran a Thanksgiving 6K Turkey Trot together in 2004. She has the pics on her camera because I wiped out my poor battery. We went to an excellent place in El Segundo and did a drive by of the beach. Then I worked late, which is why I didn't post yesterday. I get to drive back down to El Segundo twice this weekend, once in a slow truck to get my couch, once to blow glass and see my cousin M.


farmwifetwo said...

And I finally found the one you sent to me.

Off to email the pic to you.


Anonymous said...

So where is the reminder for everyone to go see The Bourne Ultimatum? :)


CrankyOtter said...

Thanks for the pic, FW2. It was fun to remember that.

As for bourne, I'll post somthing tonight maybe, or tomorrow. Definitely gotta go see that. Do you have links to a good trailer? Is there something on YouTube? I've been obsessing over the suz/joss thing and didn't check bourne enough.

kerrit said...

you can find everything you need at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the road trip tales! Living vicariously up and down the California highway system.

Your haircut and color look fantastic! So tempted to do an reddish rinse to hide too soon roots from summer highlights gone bad. Well, we may be twins, but my coloring doesn't support that fabo red like yours I should probably fight the urge. But consider emulation is the highest form of flattery.

Kathryn-in-DC, who can't find her Google account. so anonymous still

farmwifetwo said...

Will see if we out do you in miles this weekend... going to be close.

Have a good weekend.