Friday, August 3, 2007

Bourne Free

I was going to post a big thing about bio-rhythms but got too lazy and didn't. I've got a lot of stuff going on this weekend. Tomorrow I get my couch, rearrange all my furniture, prep for glassblowing on sunday, blow glass on sunday, hang out with cousin M, and maybe get a little sleep. I'll probably re-read the Suz Brockmann Countdown. But all this only AFTER I see the Bourne Ultimatum.

It's FINALLY here! Bourne Identity is one of my favorite movies ever. And not because I think Matt D.amon is cute - he actually doesn't really do it for me - but because when I watch the movie, I see "Jason Bourne" not Matt. It reads as real. And that movie is a work of genius. The early buzz about this movie seems solid - of nine reviews all were 4 to 5 of 5 stars. The Boston G.lobe review was really fun to read and does my favorite thing - says WHY they like the movie without giving away major plot points and spoilers.

I also got a link to some YouTube silliness that spoofs it.

The Boston reviewer pointed out a common issue between us. He and I are both still pissed that they killed off Franke in the 2nd flick. I'd probably have liked that one more than I do if they hadn't offed Marie. Actually, I might not as it didn't have a lot of character growth, mostly just plot happenings. As an avid reader I've come to realize that what draws me into a story is character and relationship growth. I stopped reading the R. Jor.dan "Whe.el of" series when the main characters started reacting to their close friends as if they were stereotypical enemies rather than someone they'd known their whole lives. Sort of an "oh, now that you're a [insert job title], you cannot now be trusted despite our 20 year history" attitude. Pfft! Game over.

In Bourne Supremacy, we the viewers learn about some machinations behind the scenes, and we see Bourne kicking ass, but we don't really learn anything new about him. He gets back more of his memory, but it doesn't continue to change him, really. We sort of expect him to make good on his findings. And without he and Franke growing together? Just not as interesting to me. I'm not a huge fan of revenge plots. Revenge has its place, don't get me wrong! I can hold a grudge with the best of them. But revenge is about living in the past. It is something you take care of in act one or two so you can move on with your life already.

And car chases? I only like them if they make sense to the plot. I loved the car chase in BI. They were in the car already, using it as their primary transport, then he realized they were in danger of being cornered and it offered the quickest way out. In BS (heh!) the car chase read to me as "well, people loved them some car chase in the first movie, so we'll put one in here too, but we'll make it more frenetic and jumpy so they won't realize it's kinda pointless". So we'll see if I like this next installment. Regardless of plot, I plan to enjoy myself. I do love to see MD become Jason Bourne, it's truly a thing of beauty.


kerrit said...

THAT is precisely what drags me in - HOW Matt Damon can become Jason Bourne SO CONVINCINGLY. He ceases to be the actor, the new husband and father, and is somehow transformed into this character. I don't care for a lot of his other work, but give me MD as Jason Bourne and I'll be there with bells on. Oh. Yeah. The movie freakin' ROCKS! IMHO... ;)

CrankyOtter said...

I had to wait until the 10pm show as it was sold out at both local theaters for 7. But it was worth the wait. I also thought the movie was well done, but I wished they'd held the camera still more often. I know that director likes the jiggly camera thing but I just wanted to say "sit still!" a coupla times.

I thought having that reporter as a foil to show how different Bourne's skills are from the average bear was a good idea. And the allegory to current times of unlimited power corrupting was something I liked. It does feel that if there *were* to be another movie it would no longer be about running from the past.