Monday, August 20, 2007

Just One of Those Things

Today had its good and bad points. While it was a very aggravating day overall, I realize that in the whole scheme of things, it's not really that bad. I do have some perspective. But it would be helpful if I could punch something. Pilates was fine, but not sufficiently aggressive.

GOOD: I'm working out the final details of a project at work. I recently went through the panic phase thinking that in order to save money we're going totally destroy our product, but in reviewing the data for the presentation I remember now why it was a good idea. The data is solid, the change will work, and we will save enough money every year to cover my salary if not more. If I get all the final data together.
BAD: The final bit of data was supposed to be in today, but my experiment got ruined.
GOOD: I can still get good data out of the remains of the experiment.
BAD: It's not the data I need.
GOOD: This is more characterization data rather than qualification data, so it's possible we can qualify the process change without it as long as redo the experiment soon.

GOOD: A colleague took me out to lunch today for my birthday. He pesters me like a mother hen to eat right and exercise.
BAD: After lunch I checked my mail and got unexpected bills coming to just about twice the money I got for my birthday.
GOOD: I was able get one of the bills covered by insurance.
BAD: That process took 9 phone calls, only 3 of which connected, and an hour and a half of my life to resolve. And it shouldn't have been necessary for me to interfere at all. And I still had to pay one of the other bills.
GOOD: I have about $60 left of the birthday money which I can use to buy an optic mold for making glass pumpkins.

GOOD: It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
BAD: I was frustrated and because of the bills and frustration wound up staying 2 hours late at work to get my stuff done.
GOOD: I remembered to leave in time to get to a Pilates class at the gym.
BAD: I've never done Pilates before.
GOOD: My core muscles are strong from Scott's ISO abs and Alden's BodyRev workouts, and I've done yoga for years, so I held my own and got a decent workout.
BAD: I still feel the need to run and punch something.
GOOD: I felt good enough to actually go to Trader Joes in my workout gear despite the belly pudge. And they gave me a free orange balloon.
BAD: There is no bad. The balloon isn't evil. It's even biodegradable.

GOOD: I have lots of friends to connect with over the internet and I really needed that today. I heard from both new and old friends, which was great. And a couple people were able to set me at ease about an email exchange gone awry. Thanks guys!
GOOD: I also talked to my family! My mom called early due to mistaken speed dialing, and my dad was there for me to vent at about the work screwup, and my brother for venting about the insurance debacle. Handy!
GOOD: I got a birthday card from the Up My Mind blogger! Thanks Lady!
GOOD: I finished Candace Hern's "Just One of Those Flings", the sequel to "In the Thrill of the Night" and I can recommend both.

See? It was frustrating, but not truly terrible. I do know the difference and can find some good things regardless.

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