Sunday, August 26, 2007

With the Brand New Flavor

Good: Had 2nd date with enormous man. He thinks I'm little.
Bad: At his bachelor pad
Good: He was ok with watching my shows at a volume I can hear.
Bad: Couch wasn't amazingly comfortable, although it was plush.
Good: He made me dinner. It was tasty.
Good: He didn't whine that I took forever getting over there because I had to go running first.
Good: He's tactile and I make him laugh.
Bad: His breath. He needs to brush his teeth and his tongue and I'm not sure how best to approach this. I really gotta say something. If I knew what to say. Right now I can only think of saying it straight up or using something like "I'm cheap and easy, but only if you brusha brusha." I think I should solicit ideas. Help!


farmwifetwo said...

And there's something wrong with that???

I dunno... an email.. cause geez you don't wish to do it in person... make a light joke over it... lots of "I had an amazing time"....

Hard one.


Anonymous said...

honesty is not always the best policy... I think I would employ clever manipuation either by slipping in an *I'm obsessed with having fresh breath when I'm around people and have to brush after every meal*...let's him know it is a priority with you without calling him sewer breath, maybe pop a tic tac here or there too. This could either be slipped in when you are having getting to know you chats where you divulge idiosyncrasies or even manufacture it by picking up the phone laughing and say I was just having a silly conversation with a friend about our weird peccadillos...throw in a couple innocuous ones (we've all got them) but leave out something like *I always picture strapping black men when I am doing the horizontal mambo*. If I had just met someone and they were colgate crazy that would definitely stick in my head as something I'd need to brush up on..get it brush up? errr I know that was a horrible groaner.

QL -

PS - thanks for letting me exercise my Gladys Kravitz side by looking at all your Boston photos :)

janet w said...

Gosh: what a difficile question! I would say in person or on the phone but never in a recordable medium because you'd hate to hurt someone's feelings. I'd probably sandwich it with crazy sh*t silly idiosyncrasies ... do you know once I found a tongue hard-to-know what it was at a dollar store, a tongue scraper? I'm pretty sure I chucked it before I tried it :) But how can ya say nothing?

Good luck!