Monday, August 27, 2007

Easy Peasy

I'm worn out now, but it's an honest tired.
  1. I presented a new process qual today and it went really well. I worked hard on this and revised it a couple of times, went over it with my boss and her boss, and had my ducks in a row. It helped that it was a softball project, but it was a good one for me. It'll save more money than I make in a year. I learned how to navigate the local bureaucracy and procedures while people weren't chomping at the bit. Now I have to do it again, but in 1/3 the time. I hope I learned enough to make it go as well.
  2. I took myself off to pilates at the gym. Go me. The regular instructor was there this week and she's more intense than the sub last week. Side planks are my nemesis and I was not able to do all those exercises, but I everything else went well. I talked to the instructor afterward and she suggested some intermediate poses and targeting holding the regular plank for a minute, 3 reps. She said it might take a year to be able to. I can already hold it for 20 seconds (aka alligators) relatively easily, and 30 seconds if I push. But I don't think I look like I have great abs, because she repeated this a couple times. I do have strong abs except for those involved in the side plank.
  3. I ate outside at my chinese place and ordered "the usual" lunch. In this case it's the rice plate with spicy chicken and mixed vegetables. There are no onions and bell peppers, there are mushrooms, baby bok choi, water chestnuts, broccoli, peapods, bamboo shoots and some other stuff. It's my kind of food. And I get to eat it out in the sunshine.
Still working out how to deal with the breath issue. In the meantime, I'm reading books I've swapped for. I still need to review Harry Potter, Force of Nature, and Agnes and the Hitman. I feel like I should do that here since my blog is about me and I read a lot, but then again, isn't that what amazon is for?

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farmwifetwo said...

I don't "review" books. They are for me and me only and I don't appologize for it. Mostly a list of what I read, and if I liked it or not.