Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Uneasy listening

So I poked my finger in a hornets nest today. On the bulletin board where I all too often post, I offered up women's plight as lesser than to someone else's new experience of feeling the injustice the world metes out. I waffled for a while about whether or not to edit it or remove it, but decided that I did mean it and left it posted. The politics is always a tricky thing to navigate, but I'm not good at shutting up if I feel I have something to say and think others might benefit from hearing it. I got some interesting responses. One implied they thought I thought I was preaching the gospel, but I do realize I'm just proffering one opinion of millions. Stridently, yes, but just one point of view. Several were very thoughtful and offered up different or compromise positions to take.

What got me thinking though is the lack of services most of our vets are coming back to. I feel horrible about it. Bad or no medical care, jobs not held, time needed to reorient, grieving, missing the excitement or absoluteness of the battlefield - all of these things and more are potential time bombs and from what I see, we don't have enough services in place to prevent preventable problems.

My question for blogland, then is what do I do? I want to help, but short of standing at the dock yelling, "Hello, sailor! Can I buy you a beer?" What can I do? Does it make a difference if I write to my representatives who already support my position? Maybe. Does it make a difference if I blog about it? Almost certainly not. This is something that calls for action, and I have more time than money to give. But I'm not really a nurturing people person, either. I'll have to see what turns up.

Happy things!
  1. The iPod/iTunes combined feature of "Top Rated" with "Shuffle". It's like an amazing blast of audible wonderfulness with every change of tune. I love it every time. Shoo Fly Pie actually mixes fine with the Throwing Muses, Pet Shop Boys and Flaming Lips. I swear!
  2. Bought a white shirt today. It's my first since about 1994 because I'm messy, but this one is fun. I also think I found the shirt for my swing dancing outfit this weekend.
  3. My online book club. I'm currently planning on attending 3 get-togethers in 3 different cities with Suz Brockmann fans, starting this friday. I'm actually planning part of one, which is scary. It's also my source of people who recommend books like Carla Kelly's Beau Crusoe which has been just delightful to read. Somehow I wanted regency instead of vampires this week, and it is just hitting the spot.


Wade said...

Keep nagging your congressman. Even if they do support your views, nagging them will keep the issue on the top of their heap.

Anonymous said...

CO- I really appreciated what you wrote on the bb. Quite frankly, I am
surprised at a lot of the negative cr*p you have gotten, especially from
women, who IMO should be standing up for their rights first.
I have more to say, but will save it for a rainy day...

Lemon Stand said...

Your opinion IS important! Do not worry about those who are nasty in disagreening with you but DO allow others to have a different opinion. Hope you had a nice weekend!

CrankyOtter said...

Lemonstand: I really try hard to say that my opinion is just that, mine. When I post my opinion, I am saying that I think it's a valuable one for others to consider, but I try not to come off as all my way or the highway. I don't agree with all my friends on every topic, and I don't have to agree with people about everything to like them. I don't know if this always comes through in text though. Often, I actually like it when people disagree with me because I learn from them.