Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Breathe (2AM)

Well, ok, so last week it would be midnight now, not 2am, but it feels like 2am. Nonetheless, I bring you, Today's Happy Things
  1. Put up my M.atch Profile. That's one less worry. My friends think my profile sounds like me, and I think it shows snatches of who I am and what I'm looking for and it's shorter than most of my blogs, so I'm actually happy with it. Now lets see who loves me.
  2. Due to the wonderful innovation of Early Daylight Savings Time, there was this mysterious ball of fire in the sky when I left work today, lending color and shadow to my world. Plus I got to wear my blingy C.hanel sunglasses. (Which reminds me I need to turn in my medical spending account receipts.)
  3. A colleague gave us a slideshow of his recent photo Safari in Africa (more specifically, Kenya and Tanzania). He was actually a good photographer! And he patched it together as a show with labels and everything. There were several shots that were quite frameable: stretching cheetah, pink bellied hippo, impalas all staring right but one. The videos were fun, but his daughters are not as hip to the idea of framing a shot as he is, they took the videos. Management also bought drinks and dessert for all. We quite enjoyed ourselves. It was almost enough to make me get over my somewhat irrational fear of traveling to Africa.

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