Monday, March 26, 2007

I left my cheese in San Fransisco

Lots of good stuff.
  1. I got invited to head back up to hang with the book club ladies in the Bay Area. One of my friends offered up her house and hostessing abilities and took me and another friend out for some very tasty artichoke soup at Duartes after a quick scenic drive through Half Moon Bay. We also got in a hilly hike at the Stanford dish walk before heading to dinner with yet another book friend at Pappo in Alameda, just across the island from the USS Hornet, a retired aircraft carrier/ museum having a fundraising swing dance on the hangar deck. Lots of good dancing going on and they encouraged period dress. I got a poodle skirt outfit put together with a little help and a used clothing store in Westwood and it was fun to be all decked out for dinner and entertainment.

    The next day, six of us got together and had a huge tex-mex brunch and bookswap. I have pictures of the flats and bags of books brought for the taking. I'll have to upload them to photobucket to show the amazing display. We also got in a nice walk through the neighborhood and the upgraded and staged house for sale down the street. I felt a little guilty not helping out with the cleanup, but I was packing up and heading out for the longest drive home so I think they forgave me.

    Thanks again ladies!

  2. The drive wasn't bad. In places it was quite nice. The hills in the SF/Monterrey area are green and lush right now and just gorgeous. There were a few instances of people who were just not paying attention, or seriously don't know how to drive, or just like to toy with other drivers, but for the most part, it went well. I got up and back without much incident, but feel an increasing need to post my road rules. There were several moments of zen in the less populated areas.

    I did realize on the way back that I forgot the remains of my healthy snacks (and not healthy drink) in my friend's fridge. Oh well. I hope she likes peas and cheese and coca-cola. Last time I forgot my pants in her car so I'm calling this an improvement.

  3. Love that monthly car wash plan. The mazda spent the weekend under a popular tree and desperately needed a scrubbing. And the guys at Tire Man found and patch the nail in my right rear tire friday afternoon so the car drove well at speed. 26.5mpg is not exactly as advertised, but I do drive for power not conservation, and there were big hills, so I'm not unhappy with it. Mazda 3. Get one.

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Anonymous said...

I’m so jealous of the swing dancing event. Sounds like fun.