Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baby Boom

One of my best friends from high school just had her second baby yesterday. Now she has 2 boys born in February. They are doing fine and are at home asleep already. Her mom sounded tired too. While she did call me, she didn't tell me if they chose a name! But he's average size which is good. I mention the average size as I seem to know an inordinate number of people having babies in the last year and a fair number of the babies were either 5 pounds (scary) or 10 pounds (ouch).

Inordinate is defined here as "at least one unique birth or pregnancy announcement every two weeks where the mother is someone I know, or the relative of a close friend of mine." This covered a period of 18 months spanning 2005-2006. It has slowed down to about once a month in the last 5 months or so. This is after approximately 10 years with a single digit count of birth announcements, then 5 years of my slightly older colleagues having their 2 kids. There are 3 new babies and one on the way among my current colleagues. What is in the water? I still don't want one of my own. Good thing I drink filtered water.


Damn that punk rock car commercial! It's sick and wrong and must be stopped. Also on commercials, I think I've counted about 5 commercials (M&Ms,UPS,?) using "The Postal Service" tunes over the last year. It reminds me of 1994 or 95 when about a dozen movie trailers used the Carmina Burana to whip viewers into an excited, but non-specific, frenzy of movie enthusiasm.

3 Good things from this week, quickly
  1. New baby! Duh!
  2. Got wedding announcement for one friend and wedding planning update from another. They chose wisely.
  3. Friends told me they liked my posts to our book club (usually about non-book things). I kind of think I border on "know it all" - it's mostly troubleshooting, trying to find process solutions, and offering advice - but it seems to be a unique and valued perspective. It's good that the readers like it because it comes from my profession and is hard to turn off. But it's not all one-sided advice - from this group I have good remodeling rolemodels who are happy to share their expertise.
Time to stop obsessing and go exercise.

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