Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Does it come with a free Frogurt?

I've got a "that's good/that's bad" analysis format in my head that I will forever associate with the Talking Krusty and a free frogurt. I've decided I'll be doing a Frogurt Analysis blog every once in a while.
Tonight's FA is Wine Tasting.

Good: Wine shop I can walk to is hosting a wine tasting class
Bad: Class cost actual money
Good: Instructor is very knowledgeable
Funny: The instructor's pronunciation
Good: The people in the class seem nice
Bad: They're mostly not in my friend demographic
Good: But for the first time in almost forever, a gathering of people doing something I like (engineering excepted) had more men attending than women
Bad: The single men mostly set off my gaydar*, which for me is like hanging out with women; or the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" vibe, which means they plan to ignore me.
Good: I'm going to re-learn some of what I used to know and learn more about wine tasting terminology so that I have a hope of speaking about wine in way that is understood by other people
Bad: None of the good wines tonight were any good, so the words I learned were "corked", "oxidized", "mosquito repellent", and "horse ass".
Good: I make it home in time to watch Dirt.


* I want to be clear. I don't give a good goddamn who anyone sleeps with, lives with, or loves, as long as you all freely chose it and are of an age to give consent. Further, I am absolutely for gay marriage. As long as any adult is allowed this legal status called marriage, all adults should be allowed this legal status called marriage. To paraphrase a state rep from my old state: Finding someone to love who loves you back is tough enough, the state doesn't need to be in the business of making it harder. Marriage works from the inside because of love and the honoring of commitments to each other, but the legal benefits of marriage are grants from the state which protect your relationship from the outside. And denying your neighbor the legal rights you enjoy because you think their choice of partner is icky is hateful and wrong. Thank you to all who honor your neighbor by allowing them to pick their own mate.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks sis, for writing down your POV - in favor of marriage for all. I've tried to articulate this to others I know with a different POV and can't come by the right words. Now I can borrow your succinct phrasing.

KK in DC