Monday, October 4, 2010

In My Head

I'm not dead; I've been spending time in my head. And at the gym. Two weeks from now, my white belly will be dancing in a gym class hip-hop contest on Sunset Boulevard. You can't make this stuff up. More abbreviated updates follow.

I've once again had many, many, many ideas for posts, but I've been avoiding being on-line. I'm asymptotically approaching a Facebook page now that literally one fifth of the planet has one. I'm still kind of bummed about using my regular guy name for it, which is one major reason for my holdout. I'm an open, very honest person and things can be taken out of context. But many people have stopped blogging, and almost no one sends email anymore. Since everyone's still connected, my assumption is that if you're not on Faceborg, you don't exist in the collective consciousness and my conscientious objection just hurts me.

My brother is getting bacon and bacon accessories for his birthday. I'm committed to a bacon sampler or bacon of the month club, but have to put the order in still. In the meantime, the bacon floss will have to hold him over.

While I still need to have a dinner party, but my baking resolution is getting back on track after a summer with minimal baking (I have to include microwaved candy sushi to make July's) with banana bread (new version) and ham & cheese crescent rolls (repeat) and new spiced flatbreads (small plate cookbook), and other things (working on a pina colada bread).

Thanks to the low-low prices at Harbor Freight and my brother searching the sales, I just got the 12" compound sliding miter saw my brother found for my birthday. With the leftover (mine was $75 as-is for having an ugly box) I was able to afford a trim router and bits that fit it. Whee ha! My dad is coming out to help with a project in a couple weekends (where he'll also be taken to see me "dance") that will be helped by miter saws and trim routers. Wish us luck.

Musical overlaps that grate on my nerves, still:
  • The 4 note sequence from the Emperor's Theme in the Harry Potter theme. It just makes me think John Williams phoned it in. I'd been so excited when he was tapped to do the music, given how endemeic to the culture the Star Wars music is - this dance I'll be in mixes the main theme - but aside from the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" in number 3 or 4, I can't get the emperor out of it.
  • Ben-Bridge jewelers advertising engagement rings and Pristiq advertising antidepressants use much the same tune.
  • Two of the optional ringtones for our very lousy portable phones at work are the lead ins to "Things look swell; things look great" and "We Want a Rock" by TMBG.

In my head, I wrote several very excellent blog posts on topics I'm sure you'd find fascinating, a least one on why we should legalize pot: it's just sensible, and of all the dumb things CA lets us vote on, this one is a good idea. Even if this law is imperfect, I think we should legalize it. We ruin good lives for no reason by persecuting *use* of drugs, and ignoring the difference between use and abuse.

I seriously considered going to DC for the comic bit "Rally for Sanity". I think my $ would be better spent going to my friend's adoption party. Yep, my friend of the three norse gods is adopting a boy to make 4. Although I could still be convinced about the DC thing. I've got a friend there who has probably been a little too in her head as well, recently.

It's a lot easier to live in my space as I get rid of stuff. It's appalling how much new stuff I bring in though. (New portable sweeper, circ saw, router, two cabinets for books with the intent to replace other shelving sets, more exercise clothes -  but I'm still having problems throwing out coupons I'll forget to use? sigh.)  All in all, though, my place doesn't look like a train hit it, and watching TLC's "Hoarders" keeps me throwing stuff out.

What's up with you? You wanna be my friend? sheesh.


West/CJ said...

Just keep watching "Hoarders". It will keep things in check.

Electra said...

Just keep posting whenever the spirit moves you, I love reading what you post

Up My Mind said...

I hope you keep posting. Facebook is ok, but you can't do real posts like this. I love reading what you write.

I'd keep up my blog but have been traveling so much lately I'm stuck in my head...

S said...

I'll still be your friend as long as I don't have to join Facebook either. Or ever figure out a time when we're both awake and available to call each other. (And don't take it personally; I suck at that even with friends who are in the same time zone.)

So what is this project you have planned that will require use of a compound miter saw?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're not dead! :) Look me up if you do end up joining Facebook. You can link to your blog from there, y'know... Resistance is futile!

I can't wait to read the dance updates. Sounds like fun!

-Sandy C.-

farmwifetwo said...

I'll never join Facebook. Living in a small town where you listen to them in grocery store talking about so and so and what they posted on Facebook... NOT going to happen. My online life is VERY separate from the "real" one.

Dh agrees.

Granted my emailing is down to a crawl... and if you aren't in my RL space, I probably don't "talk" to you... At the same time, busy enough and happy with the usual haunts, my Google Reader, goodreads and the "gang". Managed a holiday in Sept to NC and one of the "gang". Can't get RL people to travel.

Beki said...

I'm not on facebook although I tried it a couple of weeks but just wasn't comfortable with being a part of it.

I hope you continue doing your blog--I really enjoy reading it although I rarely leave a comment.

I do answer email although I'm not good at initiating it.

CrankyOtter said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad blogs aren't dead like email seems to be. Even if I do the facebook thing, I think it would be more to keep up with everyone, and my twittery updates would go there and my topical things, and the occasional happiness post would go here.

The other reason I didn't FB was because I do have this space here, which I like very well, thank you very much. Kind of how if I get 3 magazine subscriptions, I read them all, but if I get 4 I get overwhelmed and read none, when I have too many online places to check in? I tend to lose them. So I'd like to continue here and use the FB to keep up with what's going on generally. probably. After I get some sleep.

MarciaBC said...

And, FYI, you really don't have to use your real name on FB. I know lots of people without their RL name, and there are no FB police. However, if you want real friends to find you, you have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs somewhere.

FB is great for following authors, but other than that, meh.