Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Week

The great thing about a sunday Halloween is that the whole preceding week and weekend can be legitimately co-opted for themed events. This week involved decorating the office,  a full costume dance recital, attending an artshow with pancakes and booze, MY FIRST TRICK-OR-TREATER!, and baking apple goodies.  I also made progress on the bathroom reno, remembered to buy toilet paper, consider the upcoming election, and, well, I'm pretty sure that's it.  Here's the rundown again, with pictures.

I liked my cat pumpkin so well last year that I did one again this year.  The face I wasn't happy with, so I tried a ghost.  Shortly after this picture I used a melonballer to remove more squash from the backsides to let the light shine through the cat eyes and the ghost a bit better.  Immediately after that, my camera battery demanded recharging so this is my only shot. 
halloween 2010 cat and ghost jack-o-lanterns
Putting them in the window was successful since I actually got a trick-or-treater this year. I had dropped my guard and barely got the candy to the door - no "ooh, pretty princess"  or anything.  I may as well have grunted at her.  But she did get candy, so I assume she was cool with it.

My office likes halloween. One colleague has a holiday birthday, and the rest of us take advantage of the supplies. halloween 2010 office spiderwebs

More pictures after the jump:

For my own cube, I like to use "fall themed" items that can last until thanksgiving.  I got a little smack talk about their lack of scariness, but I'm happy with the longevity.
halloween and thanksgiving pumpkin and leaf decor 2010

I wore a lot of black and orange.  I have a lot of black and orange, but I don't usually get to wear it all together like I did this week.  For the dance recital (encore performance of the dance crew routine and participation in the "Thriller" dance), I wore my standard black workout pants, and a blowsy orange shirt that made me look like a pumpkin.  I didn't get around to putting black face shaped patches on it, but one of my friends brought extra makeup.  I drew the face on my face.  From a distance, it looked a little like the Joker, but it worked surprisingly well.  I drew black triangles over my eyes, a little black dot on my nose, and a toothy grin over my mouth and cheeks.  One toddler told me I looked funny.  She was right.  I considered a picture of that, but what you get is me getting a glitter "tattoo" on my only non-face exposed skin at the art-n-pancake shindig.  
halloween 2010 bear claw on back of neck

Lastly, here's a friend of mine with a trio of excellent costumes:  Jack, the King, and the Colonel.  ( the box, Burger..., and KFC respectivley)
halloween costumes 2010

My favorite costume of the night was this guy with a killer smile dressed up like Tiger Woods.  I went over to ask if he was waiting for a lady to whack him with a golf club, and he turned the other cheek to show me the golf club "imprint" there.  We chatted for a while.  I gave him my number and would be psyched if he called because he was gorgeous. Pretty much the most attractive guy I've seen in a long time.  And he likes to travel.  Talking to him, he got more attractive.  Here's hoping.

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