Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rough Draft

Our dance finally got posted to youtube.  It was super fun.  This isn't the best angle, but sometimes done is better. If I run across the gussied up version, I'll add that too, but here's what I spent two months of weekends working on. The guy in the group is my trainer which is fun for us.  We usually practice our routine after my workout, which we both need.

All in all, I was really happy with it. Having been a dancer for 2 months now,  I think I need to make my moves bigger. I look kind of timid here; I thought I was going all out and I certainly sweated enough.  So practice, practice, practice. Bigger, bigger, bigger.    Hopefully we can remember enough to do it reasonably well for the class recital event this weekend.   The new dance (to Thriller, for helloween) is finally starting to take root in my muscle memory after an extra hour of practice today.  I'm glad it was my 3rd time with the moves and not the first as work has been hellaciously busy this week in a challenging, use the brain kind of way.  It's good, but I don't have a lot left over.


S said...

Excellent! So fun to finally see this. I love that you managed to strut your stuff even while doing the wheelbarrow bit. And doing the moves bigger sounds like a reasonable goal to shoot for with your next routine.

CrankyOtter said...

Turns out there was a dance recital today, so I dressed up like a pumpkin, put on face paint (thanks to the other half of the wheelbarrow bringing extra) like a jackolantern, and strutted my stuff - twice! The kids dancing were adorable. there's a hop hop counting song that the k-1s danced to. OMG.
But it did make me glad to be an adult too.

When my dad saw the dance, he said, "it looked like you had fun." "That bad, huh?" I replied. "No,I just don't like dance." "Oh. Too late now."