Monday, October 11, 2010

Shake it Like a Chorus Girl

I've been feeling tense recently - physically - in that my muscles feel tight, so I got in a massage after work today.  The masseuse thinks all my tendons feel inflamed, which is consistent with my lay diagnosis of tendinitis of the everything.  I don't think the gastroenterologist I'm seeing thursday will necessarily know what to do, but maybe the doc can recommend someone who will know.  Probably, I'll wind up doing some CA inspired cleanse.  I'm pretty sure my problem is yeasty overgrowth.  What I don't know is if that's also affecting my allergies.

Ever since last Thanksgiving, I've occasionally been reacting badly to my allergy shots, particularly if I've missed an appointment.  Well, I missed an appointment.  Most times if I do, my arms just swell up more.  This was another overreaction where I started sneezing, coughing, and wheezing enough that I got an adrenaline shot which has made me more jittery than usual.   Another stellar day in allergy land and one massage shot to hell.

But my dad's coming wednesday to help me with the vanity and I'll be bringing him along to the dance competition friday.  We could use some people cheering for us, so please let me know if you plan to come too.  If you're on the way, I can even pick up 2 other people.  It'll be fun.  If I don't shake apart by then.


farmwifetwo said...

Have you ever read "French women don't get fat" it's a diet book with an interesting soup cleanse in the beginning of it.

I find other books use that style of "cleanse" before they start their diets.

Something to read/try

West/CJ said...

Something is definitely wrong there. You should not be swelling like that. I hope someone figures out something.

CrankyOtter said...

Speaking of soup...
I saw a gastroenterologist. Preliminarily, I'm to try the gastroparesis diet, which is mostly the opposite of everything I eat. I'm not supposed to have raw anything unless it's somehow blended or processed. I'm not supposed to eat fiber or much fat, and only "easy" proteins like deli meat. Even chinese food is marginal if not forbidden. It could not be more different than my usual diet of fresh fruit and toast for breakfast, chinese food heavy in barely cooked veggies for lunch, then raw salad for dinner with a snack of popcorn.

So I'm to eat processed foods and soup. It's damnably strange for me. I did have a nice can of rambutans for dessert last night though.

Something is definitely wrong, it's just not clear what yet. If I don't chicken out, I'll be getting an upper GI scope next tuesday.