Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Thanks to my neighbor for the ride to the doc this morning.  I had about 10-20 minutes under anesthesia to get my throat/stomach scoped.  They found some ulcery bits in my esophagus and, continuing in the tradtion of only having things wrong with me that are annoying and not generally fixed by doctors, it turns out I inherited the family hiatal hernia.  This brings with it a greater likelihood of acid reflux, which most of the family has too, but I thought I'd mostly escaped.  Probably the ulcers are from all the advil I've been mainlining since march.  So I'll be sticking with the liver killing Tylenol.  Oh well.  I think I'm also getting arthritis in my right middle finger, so if it looks like I'm flipping you off, it's more likely that my finger just doesn't bend anymore.

The surprising thing about today was that I came out of the anesthesia slowly for about 20-40 minutes then felt totally normal for the next 3-4 hours.  I even considered going back to work, except that I was warned by my colleagues (who have all had this procedure) to take the whole day.  I was feeling energized, although not interested in doing  anything too complex like bathroom reno or baking, then I passed out on the couch for 5 hours.  Now I feel fine again, save the scratchy throat that is barely a 1 on the scale if "tonsils out as an adult" is the 10, but I don't trust the feeling fine.  I'd had a crackbrained notion of "sweating the poisons out" at the gym, but my trainer made other plans, which was smart.

So here I am, not driving today, not making any financial or legal decisions, and watching Raising Hope, twice.  I like this show, it's smart humor.  It's usually followed by some show that had characters so moronically dumb it was impossible for me to watch it.   So two episodes of people with bad-good intentions raising a baby and TPing the neighbors gets two thumbs up from me. Oooh.  Time for the Good Wife!  A TV show that actually stars a competent, sexy, adult woman or three.  Crazy.

[Edited to Add] Oh nuts!  I missed the Sound of Music sing-a-long night tonight. Although my throat probably wasn't up for it, I like SoM like most geeks like Rocky Horror.


West/CJ said...

Is your throat feeling any better today? I've never had a scope thingie, and I don't think I really want one.

CrankyOtter said...

The whole procedure was no big deal from my POV. I chatted with the nurses, put on a hospital top (left my own bottoms on), got poked in the arm, put to sleep, woke up, drove home, puttered around, then napped. A 10 minute procedure sucked up the day, but aside from that it was no biggie. My throat was fine the following day. They found some stuff and took biopsies. I hadn't been expecting them to find anything, in all honesty. My colleagues say the "upper GI" where you swallow terrible drinks is way worse.