Thursday, September 9, 2010

When to put a sock in it

To all the mass media outlets: there are all kinds of meanspirited kooks in this country because, despite ourselves sometimes, we try to keep it a safe place for kooks of all stripes. Just because some doofus with 50 people who listen to him on a regular basis is going to do something wrongheaded doesn't mean he should be getting every-hour-on-the-hour coverage. You know what makes his wrongheadedness important? Hint. It's not him; it's you.

So, blog fans - I seem to have roughly 25 regular readers, meaning 10 repeats with 15 people who get here following Google alerts - which means I have just half the audience of someone I won't name and should be spanked and sent to the corner without a snack. What kind of wacky thing can I do that would get me every-hour-on-the-hour coverage for 3 days?

Bear in mind that my 9/11 event last year was challenging a traffic ticket in court and getting traffic school, and this year my plan was to see Serenity at the Can't Stop the Serenity event, but it got moved to 9/10 so I'm going to an art show, and maybe a "western" gun show (ad: new and antique! just for fun! ...and for serious collectors...). So there's potential of me strapping some sidearms to the thighs and putting on a long brown coat. (Or there would have been if I didn't just donate my long brown coat to goodwill.)

No idea too crass. In fact, that seems to be the primary requirement to be a news darling so have at.


West/CJ said...

Amen sistah! Well put. This is exactly what I've been thinking for days.

MarciaBC said...

Working in a city with a well known nut-job (we'll call him Phred), I know how they toil all their days to be a big fish in a big pond. The local group actually did what the Fla. nut-job is planning to do years ago, and they are whining because they didn't get the spotlight. They just needed to wait until the hate threat-down got higher.

CrankyOtter said...

I love the "threat-down" phrase! That and "truthiness".
Sorry your local nut job is such weenie. Even his efforts would look a lot more farcical if the media would treat it as such.