Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blue Moon

I guess when I hit "Refresh" hoping for a new post on my own blog, it's time to add an update!

What is it that makes the moon so compelling? We take it for granted, but I wonder how different our lives would be without the moon and daily tides and monthly hormonal fluctuations, and evening light that can cast its own shadows. When I looked up at the full "blue" moon hanging large and low in the sky on New Year's Eve, I had quite the visceral reaction: wonder, joy, a sense of future, and a feeling that it was shining down on me, specifically saying something like "well good riddance to that decade". I don't know where that comes from, but it's true all the same. Here's hoping that the double digit years don't wind up in that difficult teen phase. However, if centuries are even a little like kids who have a sweet spot in the 8-12 range where they're grown up enough to be interesting, but not so grown up that hormones are making them surly, then I hope we have a couple years of things going better that before. One can hope.

In other blue moon territory, I was looking up movies and I would be willing to see almost every movie in first run theaters right now. It's kind of like how I started watching network TV again this year after 3 years of watching HGTV, comedy central, and Discovery channel almost exclusively. (Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Accidentally on Purpose, Eastwick, Cougar Town - Dirt was better, Glee) Anyhow, I went to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday because if nothing else it was a couple of hours of looking at RDJr and Jude Law. Couldn't really see a down side to that, so went and enjoyed myself. Tonight, I met up with a friend to go see The Blind Side and enjoyed myself even more. Sandra Bullock was fabulous as a steel magnolia. If even half of it was true, she had Michael at practice or studying nearly 24/7 which is hard, hard work. It was also a good, good movie. It wasn't schmaltzy like I'd worried about. The great thing about the Mrs. Tewhey character was how she spoke to everyone in a way they would understand and respond how she wanted them to, from street thugs to big league football recruiters. It made for an entertaining story and some great quoteable lines. (I'm in a prayer group with the DA... heh.) I can definitely recommend "The Blind Side" and think it would actually make a good family movie - maybe PG-10 or so.

The last of the blue moons for today is that I had a date at lunch that I'll be seeing again. I liked him - so far. He's got the same name as my brother which is still strange since he's still mostly a stranger. But a nice stranger.

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