Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Had a lot of firsts this year which were all positive experiences:
First trip to the Grand Canyon
First ride in a helicopter
First trip to Alaska
First time to eat frog legs
First trip to Las Vegas
First trip to see friends in Seattle
First president in my lifetime that I was thrilled to see take office

While the economy tanked around us, my job making parts for wireless connectivity recovered early and is taking off, which makes me exceptionally lucky. (In the meantime, my condo has lost roughly half its value which just makes me like everyone else.) Here's hoping for health, wealth and pursuing happiness. And keeping in touch with friends.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year and a wish for more positive firsts!

Love, Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, E.

I wish I had know you came to the Grand Canyon this year- we could have had lunch. Maybe next time (it's gorgeous, isn't it?).

CrankyOtter said...

L: You too!

West: Next time, I'll let you know. This last trip was done without plans. Seriously, we called hotels the morning we set out looking for rooms. I think it would have been less exhausting if we'd made plans, but now that we both know what's up, we'll be more inclined to do that. Maybe.