Friday, December 18, 2009

Blogger Down

I've basically been out for the count since tuesday.

I got my allergy shot monday then not long after the usual 15 minute assessment, started getting a massive runny nose. It felt a little like the systemic reaction I'd had 2 weeks before, but I knocked it out with sudafed and sinus rinse. I'm not sure if I was having a reaction that then made me develop a sinus infection, or if I was just coming down with something that coincided with my allergy shots. I actually didn't have a head cold on tuesday, but was unable to wake up until about noon. I did go to work; I figured it was just my body remembering I'm a girl - when it functions without medical intervention, I tend to lose one day a month to severe fatigue, and worse things - so I didn't think it was anything more than that. But then wednesday, I also felt like my brain was buried in soup all morning and that afternoon was sneezy as well. Yesterday, I was fully awake when the alarm first went off, and figured that I didn't have anything else planned so I may as well go to work. But then I wound up being pretty sneezy. Sudafed helps that a lot, though, so I wasn't really all that symptomatic, other than being irritable.

One reason I powered through the week was that we are interviewing people for a job and I wanted to meet all the candidates. It looks like we have several reasonable contenders so the decision will be tricky. I just have to remember during the decision making process that I was irritable all week and not to hold it against anyone.

One good thing is it was my day to bring breakfast. I managed not to touch all the food, and brought stuff I like and usually bring (ham, hummus, bagels, donuts, blueberry pomegranate Minute Maid juice - I bring cream cheese but don't like it) as well as some "last breakfast before christmas" specials like cranberry sauce and extra meat (sliced turkey and bacon). So that's at least going well.

Ready or not, I'm headed to Orange County tonight, which could take 2-3 hours depending on traffic. Then I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow to go see the Guy Fieri food-music Roadshow with a friend. Should be fun, if I don't relapse.

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