Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookie Party

Today's the day! I did better with the prep this year in that I'm basically ready now for people to show up -I need to stash some stuff and change clothes, but I'm not cleaning the bathroom frantically like last year. (And no one even used the bathroom, to my knowledge.)

It's been about a 3 week process to get to this point though. I have 3 giant bags packed for the goodwill, took out innumerable bags of trash (most of it paper) and recycling. And it makes me wonder why I am willing to live with such debris. I watch shows like Clean Sweep and Hoarders and get a grim sense of what my future will be if I don't get after this stuff. I think the important thing is to have a system for incoming stuff. I can maintain systems, but if I bring something in that doesn't have a place, it can set off a cascade of lazy. But for now, it's corralled.

The kitchen tile has been re-laid. A colleague of mine did the cut pieces for me and did just a fantastic job. I'm a little nervy in that the last cut tiles have only been in place for about 18 hours and grouted for 14. The instructions want me to wait 24 hours before walking on the tile and 16 for the grout so I've had fans going since last night. But it is SO nice to have a whole floor again and not worry about tile edges or wobbly tiles.

I've made a couple of stocking up runs and am now full up with 10# flour, 3 dozen eggs, 6# butter, and various and sundry nuts and fruits. I've got a nice list of the standard cookies and perhaps someone will bring one of their favorites too. Time for one last swipe of the swiffer and I'm off to change and bring butter to the masses. I'll let you know if the bluegrass duo shows.


Amy in sunny CA said...

Wish I could have been there!! Life is crazy - I did manage to get to a Sees candy store. Guess that is what I'm giving the neighbors, coaches, crossing guards, teachers, etc. this year. I just don't have the energy (or time) to bake. I wish I did - I LOVE the smell of cookies in the oven . . . yummy!!

CrankyOtter said...

While I understand how crazy raising your kids is (got the christmas card, thanks! Amazing how they all have very similar features but look so different.) I really think you would have enjoyed yourself with this crowd. I didn't invite the crazy people from the last round... and hey! Bluegrass combo in the living room! That doesn't happen too often in my world. Let me know next time you need a sandwich from san diego.