Sunday, December 20, 2009


Huh. Vegas the weekend before Christmas is kinda mellow, thankfully. I'm not sure I'd have been able to tolerate the packed bodies and noise and lights I remember from earlier trips with the sinus infection I took on this one. (Never been to Vegas before this March, now I've been thrice.) Between the sinus rinse, sudafed, and tylenol, I was able to hold back the tide and feel mostly OK. Perhaps all the vodka helped too - my liver may never forgive me but I spent most of last night pleasantly buzzed.

I hopped over to see the Guy Fieri Roadshow with a friend, her brother, and his girlfriend. We had fun and were entertained, but it could have been better. Fortunately, the House of Blues has an awesome happy hour that kept us pretty darn happy. Unfortunately, we planned for appetizers before the show and dinner after based on the times listed on the tickets of 7-9. But the show ran from 8:30 to 11:30 with several very long intervals of nuthin goin on so we got out after the real restaurants stopped serving food and made do with some late night cafe at the back of a noodle restaurant. Fewer giant pauses and more food in the show would have been good. It was worth taking the risk to see how it would be. I'd do something like that again (go to an unknown show of someone who entertains me in another venue). The organizer got us tickets to fly out at 1pm and return leaving at 1pm. It was a pretty humane time of day to travel. Even driving back from Orange County after the flight, I had time to unpack, unwind, and clean up.

However, I am still sick. Bleah.

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