Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blue Sky

I've had a rough week or so. I have such good remediation (sinus rinse, sudafed, tylenol) that I can usually work through and outlast a sinus infection without antibiotics. The trouble is that while I don't feel bad, I also don't feel good. It makes me cranky and touchy and impatient. Finally today I'm feeling better, but the impatience to be out of work for the holiday is stronger than usual. Granted, it is clawing on everyone and tomorrow will either be no big deal or sheer hell to get through.

Even through all that emotional mess and a balky tool, there was still some good stuff. I've been saving up, so there are more than three.
  • The blue of the sky was so stunning and crisp today it seemed unreal. The sky out here still takes me by surprise.
  • I was "a reader" whose comment was published on the Daily Dish! Ok, I gamed the odds and wrote in when AS was on vacation and I was complimentary about one of his underbloggers. I managed to do it without mentioning that while I liked some aspects of the underbloggers' work, I don't like his prose... but since he didn't have to write in the Window View book, it hardly mattered. I like the little book. It is small and softcover, but once you realize it won't be huge, it's a real treat.
  • I have a good working relationship with the equipment guys and it makes a lot of things easier at work.
  • I submitted an abstract for a conference and got the acceptance today! This means I do have to work next week to get a jump on writing the whole paper, but it's good news.
  • I've got plans for christmas. I decided at the last minute (last week thursday) to see if my friends could put me up and feed me over christmas and they can. I got a cheap ticket *there*, now I need to figure out how to get back... two one way tickets re probably going to get me cavity searched by the TSA but oh well.
  • I contacted a professional organizer to see if they can help me with the clutter and a mac guy to help me with the balky eMac. Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

Feeling better yet, CO? I know Tylenol Sinus does wonders for me.

Junior and Orion said...

Hope you are feeling better! And we hopoe you had a great Christmas. Meowm says she has some books she will be returning to you very soon!