Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleep Stealer Antithesis

I've received my new Zeo sleep monitor and started using it to baseline my sleep. It comes with a set of questions to log "Sleep Stealers", one of which is "How tense were you before bed last night?" I realized I was still tense from the stupid microsoft switcheroo and that's just unacceptable. As we all know, I believe strongly in figuring out the good things of the day, and just before bed is a fine time to do it. In fact, a friend of mine does this with her son, hoping that he won't grow up to obsess over the stressful things of the day like she does. Hopefully it will lift me out of this fugue and set me on the path to blissful sleep. Here goes.

"Do the Handicapped go to Hell?" a 2001 South Park repeat. The opening musical number of the hellacious luau just played and I laughed out loud. Over the top and genius. And I'd forgotten all about Sat.an's ex-lover Chris who swears by saying "butternuts". (Also, "Where's Sad.dam gonna go, Detroit?") And Cartman feels the angry hand of God.

Traffic this morning was totally clear despite the funky weather. And after noon, there was a cloud being blown off one of the nearby mountains with the sun filling in where it left.

Did I mention my review went well? I thought I was doing fine, but not great. I'm doing better than I thought. I think part of it is that we tend not to think as much of the work we do which comes easily, and I got mad props for stuff that I think was easy. (And my big deficit that was dragging down my mentality was mostly a business decision to postpone - although I feel like I sh/could have still done it, it wasn't strictly required. Big ol C project for last year. A+ now, but I can do it.) And, the big thing I was asked to work on last year (working better with production), I actually improved a lot on and made people happy. So I have new things to work on this year, but they're all do-able. I was really happy with my review. Fair, complimentary. Whew! If that doesn't make me feel better in this economy, nothing will.

Edited to add:  My first Jump Link!!!  Blogger finally got with the program and made it a feature!  It's not an LJcut which allows one to leave AND come back, but it will allow me to shrink my longer posts so they aren't so boring.  And, once I work out my picture posting scheme again, I'll be able to put in annoying extra photos behind the break.   Thanks to new Blogger user West for pointing me at it. (I had to search blogger help for "enable new post editor" and the first line told me exactly what to do and the rest of the help told me what to expect.  The only thing I don't like is that it puts the post time as the publish time, not the time one started writing - something which I suspect is more popular overall, but not my preference.  Still and all, though, YAY!

And one more thing.  I heard from friends today that were trying to have a baby that all indications are that they will be having one in roughly 6 months.  Good for them!

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