Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Trivia started off sketchy tonight. The questions were hard and we lacked confidence. We could have doubled down on a 10 point round but didn't, and several others did, and we had to catch up. My partner pulled out some major mojo on the gambling round and we guessed the famous person on the first round and most others didn't get it until the last, which helped. It was a near thing, but we pulled it out and won again!

In a recent cleanup of my bedroom area I was upset to figure out that I couldn't find a particular necklace. I finally fessed up to the friend who made it and she said not to worry - I hadn't actually bought it from her yet. Phew! But clearly an indication that I wanted that necklace. She offered a matching bracelet at a reasonable price so I got that too. It was a little large, but I found a bead shop nearby and someone there was willing to re-crimp the end of the bracelet with fewer beads, and help me thread up the beads on earring hoops and now I have a beautiful necklace with a fitting bracelet and matching earrings, all for a low nominal cost. Yay!

I took an umbrella with me to work today and left it on my guest chair with my jacket. I didn't move it off when my aggravating vendor came to chat, which limited the time he stayed to talk at me to a tolerable level where we transmitted useful information without me having to sit through interminable explanations of irrelevant trivia. And when we found out that a particular carrier didn't work in the upgraded tool, I was able to meet up with the machinist to design a replacement within a couple of hours and just toss the cost onto an existing PO. Easy!

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