Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grumy McGrumpmeister

I've been a grumpy freak (way beyond cranky) all week. Don't know if it's the Blue Monday, the low light, a post holiday letdown, not enough sleep, or a combination of all of them or none of them. But I was NOT a happy camper this week. I survived, but there was collateral damage. Hopefully it's mendable.

Still, good things happened.
  • I baselined my first week of sleep with my Zeo system. It looks like my sleep patterns appear mostly normalish in terms of % of REM and deep sleep. 

  • I learned how to update my blog settings to get the new jump feature

  • The organizing got started saturday and will continue.  (I don't know if I need a helper so much as I need an audience...)

  • The cooking class ladies want to have a dinner party after classes are over. 

  • I found a good anthology to read.  Normally I find anthologies to be very hit or miss with much more miss than hit!  Strange Brew editied by P.N. Elrod has hit on the first 4 stories, so I have my money's worth even if the last four miss, but all indications are good that they won't miss. Paranormal witch, wizard, warlock and weres featuring Charlaine Harris and Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs.  Good enough that I'll look up and check out or buy at least one book from each author (although CH was already on the TBR pile, she'll move up).

  • Got my hair cut and colored and didn't waste the first day of the new do totally.  Didn't have a date date, but did meet up with a friend for dinner and a show.

  • We were able to bypass the 1.5 hr wait for a table by sitting at the bar at Claim Jumper, and I didn't even have to call in favors from my fav bartenders to get in, served, and out quickly.

  • The show was Avenue Q.  I've been wanting to see it and got tickets with a good view for a reasonable price at the venue next door.  The cast was quite competent (not original cast but one quite skilled) and the story elements are right up my alley (cussing muppets! What do I want to do; who do I want to be?!?)

  • I finally joined the modern era and downloaded some ringtones.  Instead of the pukey but least bad Verizon tune, I now have Vampire Weekend's A-Punk. It fits my criteria of starting at a medium volume for a few notes before getting loud, which it does too.  It's so perky, I love that.  I bought a ringback thing too, which I think means that if you call me, you'll hear Lady Gaga singing Paparazzi instead of a ringing sound.  To top it off, I got Ain't No Rest for the Wicked as my calendar appointment reminder tone.  The happiness of these choices overcomes my resentment at having to pay more for them than the song itself on iTunes, and the lack of good provided options.

So while I was wallowing in my funk, resentment, and despair, what were you up to?  Anything good?


Junior and Orion said...

Meowm has been fighting grumpiness too. But that could have something to do with her lungs being all icky from the inversion. We just hope it clears up soon, cause she is all wheezy, whistle-y and rattly at night and it is disturbing our beauty sleep. On the good side of things...we have had some sunshine recently, not enough for a good sunbeam to lay in, but some sun all the same. We are so looking forward to winter being over. We hope your grumpiness subsides soon!

CrankyOtter said...

I think I'll try tanning. If I get around to it, which I keep not doing.