Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

And since I'm already typing, here's an initial list of New Year's resolutions:

Get the condo organized and systemetized so I feel more relaxed at home rather than anxious about all the projects I need to do - even when I want to do the projects, they can stress me out. Plus, I would like for people to want to hang out at my place and it's hard to do when I need 6 hours to 3 weeks to pick the place up before company comes over. Organizing is less of a task for me when someone helps, so I've already made inquiries and plan on hiring someone within the next two weeks.

I want to take that organized frame of mind into work too and write monthly summaries of my work so I don't stress out at my next review., and better organize my weekly/daily to-do lists. I felt good this year that I both tried to work with our process engineering technicians more so I could be more productive, and kept a small log of examples of work they'd done for me that I could pass along for their reviews. I need to do that again, both for them, and for me.

I need to be more proactive about my medical spending account reimbursement. Sometimes, I turn that paperwork in during the year, but mostly I wait until the end of the year and turn it it. Since I'm planning to laser my eyeballs this year and it'll eat up most, if not all, of the maximum allowed withholding amount, I need to get that turned around fast.

Since I'm going to be all organized, I'm going to have people over. My plan is to have at least one dinner party per quarter. This will help me get some dependable "fit for guests" recipes practiced and performed. Send me a no-fail recipe if you have one as I am quite a confident baker, but I am not a confident cook.

Instead of just working on my weaknesses, I'm going to work on my strengths too. My plan is to bake something new and something old each month. This is both to push me and practice, well, practicing. I'm not super big on repetition, but there's a reason I like to bake some items. I'm sure my colleagues will enjoy the spoils too.

The other thing is getting back into glassblowing. My favorite studio closed in this economy so I haven't been in for the better part of a year. But the cleaner studio is still going strong and I've got time in January. If I can get in even once a month for half a day, it will be a joy. I still need to sculpt my alligator (the Seattle Museum of Glass's "kid's art" re-ignited my inspiration there).

So yeah, even with the indulgence baking, this year is all about getting organized and staying organized. Hopefully I'll also organize in some visits with friends (Boston in June, at least one sandwich in San Diego, a visit to Disney, Vegas in the spring or fall - anyone else want to put in a destination?), eat right, exercise, post pictures on the blog, find a date, join a choir, and learn my way around LA a little better. And right now that sounds like a lot, but I hope it winds up being a lot of fun.

Aside from "eat right, exercise and be a better person", what is your big resolution? Or what will be your big indulgence for the year?


Junior and Orion said...

Meowm says she hears ya about organization. She needs to spring clean purrty badly.

She will be in Vegas the end of March (if all goes to plan), and then down to Anaheim for a day at Disney!

CrankyOtter said...

Fun! Let me know what day as I usually wind up at disney in the spring sometime. If we're miraculously there on the same day, I can say hi.