Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Double Dose Happiness

OMG. Daily Show tonight is pure genius.
Point well made: Life when you were a kid was not simpler. It was simpler for *you* because you were six and were shielded from complexity. [unless you were distinctly unlucky-ed.]

Best Interview! George Lucas is on right now. Jon Stewart opened up with a rant asking how Leia stayed shielded from the Sith Lords and how that made no sense. I think EVERY George Lucas interview should open up with the thing about Star Wars that has been bugging the interviewer since the 70's - rapid fire until they run out of breath. Like Festivus, but directed. Then, once that's out of the way, and like Jon, the interviewer leaves their chair and dances around a bit with the excitement of interviewing the mastermind behind Star Wars and he's *right there*, talking to *you*!!! one can get down to having a real interview because you're not just sitting there going through the motions while waiting for an opportunity to air your grievance. And if you don't care enough about Star Wars to have a grievance, you need to pass on that interview. Give it to someone who does.

Hat Trick: Jon got a haircut! He looks less like Grandpa Munster now. (ok, so he looks more like Mr. Burns, but it was less distracting for me than the Munster look.)

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Anonymous said...

That might be the best Daily Show ever. It was brilliant from beginning to end. I was also very fond of the part they did in the mdidle section on religion.

And George Lucas rocks.