Monday, April 7, 2008

We're Talking, We're Talking

Still here. Had the date saturday; it was nice. I don't really know what to say about it yet although I'll try. We went to dinner, talked, then drove around and talked more. I'd kind of been hoping he had some better ideas for a date since he's a local, but not this time. He did say the magic word about 3 sentences into the date. (The word is "kayak".) It's a little odd that he seems to have some eerily similar interests/disinterests as I do. I'm not sure how that will play out. But hey, it looks like we're going out again and he's thinking about salsa lessons. If he learns to lead (or just plain abdicates and lets me lead), I might even dance with him.

Today was another good solid weekend day.
  • I met up with a bookclub friend for the first time since christmas and we took a nice walk in the park which wound up over at a dam on the LA river. It might be a nice place to take my parents for a walk when they come out because it has trees for mom and a dam for dad. Or as my mom put it, all those "dam trees."
  • I found the tax statement for my HELOC/2nd mortgage. Whew! I was unable to access it online and was starting to freak out because it was one of two things I needed for the accountant to finish my taxes, and I know where the other thing is.
  • My friend and I stopped by the glassblowing studio so I could show her where it was since it was only a few city type blocks from the park. Turns out there was a class going (which I would have LOVED to take) on sculpture. So I saw several people there who I knew and knew me and I got to say hi and ooh and ah. And the guy who helps run the place swears he called me about the class, so he was psyched that I stopped by because "he's not the type of cat to hound people about stuff". So I let him know I was planning to be back soon and he'll keep me on the list for classes.
I'm up late again because the fresh air wore me out and I napped on the couch. Hopefully I'll still get enough sleep to be awake for work tomorrow. I need to do some experiments that require judgement and being alert. (The world needs more lerts.)


Tara said...

I have never left a comment for a blog in my life...but I read this and needed to say, I AGREE 100%! Great post! My bf is a flight attendant for American who has lost precious and needed work time due to the latest issues and who, in my opinion, takes the burden for the majority of the airlines decisions, even though I feel they suffer more than the travelers.
As a frequent traveler, 12,000miles in April so far,and more to go before it is over, I couldn't agree with this post more. Travel has become a burden in my job. A time suck I don't have time for....I could go on more, but you have hit the nail on the head with your post. Thanks.

Tara said...

Oh, Holy Schmoly....leave it to me to mess up my first comment to a blog....the previous was for the flying high...I cut and pasted, but you can't delete comments, sorry.