Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Go West

My friend J has been out visiting on his way West. This is a different friend J than the one a couple weekends ago who helped with the patio and posted all my stuff to crai.gsl.ist. This J helped me get more memory installed in the eMac and cleaned crap out of my hard drive. We've fallen back into old patterns like going out to dinner and using the time to co-solve puzzles in Games magazine. (We'd been speculating about the fate of a college friend we hadn't heard from in a while, then started cursing a particular puzzle whose format seemed familiar when we realized that he was the author. At least we solved that puzzle.) We like similar music for the most part and have similar senses of humor. Here are some of the conversations that have had us in stitches. Hopefully they translate at least a little.

Walking at the harbor we see a sign of services offered listed over the pier and J notices one in particular:
J: "...Dinner parties... Private functions... Memorial at Sea! I suppose a wedding could be a private function, but they don't call that out specifically like Memorial at Sea."
CO: "Ooh! And kayak rental. Maybe we could rent some kayaks tomorrow, paddle around."
J: "And if something goes wrong, we can have a Memorial at Sea!"
J: "Well one of us can have a Memorial. The other will be there in spirit."

J: Can we stop at a grocery store? I need to take some Kool-aid to New Zealand for my brother's friend.
CO: Sure, there's a Ralph's near where we're going.
J: I'm not sure I trust a grocery called Ralph's. Well, it's not like I'm getting deli meat there. And nobody's ever died from Kool-ai...
CO: ADCIDLOL (almost drives car into ditch laughing out loud)

Today we were driving around picking up fruit from a farmstand (cheap for once with oranges 5# for $1) but mostly just driving some of the rural inland mountainous roads, listening to tunes, and taking in views like this:
scenic mountains with greenery

We were looking out for a turnoff which may or may not exist when we came upon this comic gem and had to stop for a picture. And so we could finish laughing.
scenic port a potty with large No Dumping sign

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