Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hat Trick

I've been somewhat at a loss for fun things to do in the evenings in my new digs. I don't have reliable peeps to hang with on short notice. While I have friends out here, they're mostly the sort I have to plan in advance to see and make an event out of it once a month or so. I did join SWE which gives me more to do, but doesn't help me meet men. I've mostly been working on the kitchen reno plans recently and costing out other upgrades like baseboards and crown molding to class the place up. (Yes, I paid over $300K for a place that was built as low income housing. But I like it and someone else does the landscaping and pool maintenance. And it was one of the 10 cheapest non-mobile places in the county.)

This week is different though. I've got all sorts of good things going on - three days in a row of good things, in fact.
  • Today I got my hair done by a lady I think* will be a keeper! It was starting to look frizzy and frumpy and I didn't like the last cut anyway. I got a recommendation from a SWE member and I like the new lady. Even better, her price is reasonable for a cut and color. At about half what decent places in my town cost it's worth the drive to Ventura. Plus, she understood both the color I was going for, did a good A-line wedge, sent me to a tasty Indian food place, and picks a banjo.
  • My new oven comes tomorrow!
  • I have a date on friday! Yep. I got a phone call at lunch today from the guy at the hardwood shop who scrambled to get me veneer scraps for free and selections of baseboards and moldings to check out at home. He didn't have a big plan worked out, but I told him yes and he's going to get back to me tomorrow with details. He's a very positive person, from what I know of him, and cute. A little shorter than me, or about the same height. We'll see how that works.

That takes care of the hat trick of stuff to do at night. Additionally,
  • Spring has sprung! The fleurs are blooming. Iceplant and some shrub or other.
    Iceplant with 4 yellow spiky blooms
    pink flowers on a shrub near a tree trunk

    Which is nice except for the pine trees using my car as a holding place for their sexual excess. The clean stripe is what the car looked like two days beforehand.
    excessive yellowish pollen on formerly clean red car
    (The only thing I now miss about my old car was its ability to blend with just this pollen color, thus not looking dirty again 30 minutes after a wash. Except I never really washed that car.)

  • I picked up my cabinet hardware
    stainless arc handles in two sizes

  • I dropped off my tax paperwork with the accountant on monday, he gave me the number of a part time bookkeeper and I'm meeting with her on saturday. I need to find an organizer too. Or a friend who will badger me into organizing and help me when I'm stuck. Or a date...

Actually, I'm not making plans to date contractors etc... to get the reno done, but it did help to wear a low cut shirt to the home depot. Just saying.

* The only non-keeper part of the hairstyle is that the hair dye once again was rough on my scalp (new brand) and I will have scabs. Maybe if I take allergy meds before the next color? I will post pics after I'm able to wash it once as I still have a lot of residual color around the edges and if I try to take it off, it'll uncolor the roots next to my face. So. Friday.


farmwifetwo said...

They told me the only "cure" for problems with dye's is to use a wash-out that didn't have peroxide and other nasty stuff in it.

Maybe a visit to the make-up counter and a long talk with someone about the types of products.

My hairdresser told me that if I wished, I could find something and she's apply it. She's changed salon's and so am I. It's hard finding a keeper stylist. But I didn't have trouble this last time... still not certain what happened last June b/c it started to itch before I got burnt at your house.

Also, I find hairspray etc makes my scalp itch and you have to watch herbal shampoos. I wash at home right afterwards, if I forget to tell them not to use stuff. Otherwise, I don't let them style anymore than a blowdryer and a brush.


Up My Mind said...

I have a very dry scalp, and get dandruff easily. It's worse in winter. I've been getting highlights this past year and found it's starting to burn/itch bad while sitting in the chair.

My hairdresser suggested using a shampoo and conditioner that's designed to add moisture to the hair, which would help my scalp. It has. Not completely dry scalp free, but a heck of a lot better! I'm not raw anymore. :)


CrankyOtter said...

I hope I don't have to take my own dye to the pro shop...

I've been using conditioner for "normal to oily" hair because when I stop taking birth control pills my skin works up a sheen of grease that would do bacon proud. But maybe I need to use a moisturizing one anyway - I need to remove oil, not water.

And I read recently that dandruff is caused by a fungus (kind of like athletes foot causes tough flaky skin on feet). Which makes me wonder if vinegar would help kill it.