Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have some ADD tendencies. I get distracted by shiny things, other people's conversations, free associations running through my head, etc... The flip side is that when I do focus, I can focus really, really well. I just know that it takes a lot out of me to do this, so I put it off for as long as possible. This is manifested in the bill paying thing, house keeping, shopping, etc... When I finally settle down to do them, I can't not do the most perfect job ever, even if I do meant to do it just well enough to be done.

I sometimes have problems with note taking too - as evidenced by something on the white board in my cube at work which I just noticed. Sometime last week I decided that the list of engineering lots I owned was old and needed both updating and a new home. So I recopied the necessary lots into my notebook behind the front cover and erased the list. I had to use solvents to get a couple colors off. I haven't really looked consciously at the space until today, when I noticed this comment there:
--> Figure out how to make contact w/

WTF? Contact with who? Why? About what? I really have no idea what this refers to. Why do I do this? I'm getting better, for the most part. Before I put something away, I ask, "what would it take to make this be done?" and either do that or write it on a post it note on the stack of papers so I don't have to figure it out again later. But sometimes, things slip through the cracks.

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