Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So of course I would do it all over again

Things are going well. I feel like I ought to be more stressed than I am, but I'm happy not to be.

  1. I'm working on a top priority project at work, and it's going well. Not to jinx myself, but it is a new-to-us tool qual. Fortunately for me, the previous process qual I did is for the same process on an existing tool. So the qual plan is the same and I know how it works. Which means I get to run this qual in 3 months instead of 12 (the last 3 of which were not my fault). And it's looking like it will go. My lots are queued up to run tomorrow, I have the presentation ready to get the go ahead to run those lots, and then once those lots go, I know who to talk to to make them move. It's feeling astonishingly low key as I just knock the tasks off my action item list.

    It was a little trick to decide on a process initially, but I kept alternating test conditions and asking questions of my boss and the vendors to finally figure out which parameters were the preferred ones to match and which were better to vary. I went from a process that would work but would probably require a later effort to improve to a process that works well as is and is something I'm proud of. I told them it would be 6 months from the date I got the target in to qual, and I'm on track for that deadline. Although it feels surprising given that I'm not frantic about everything.

  2. Maybe it's the vitamin C. I ran out to a couple of kitchen stores yesterday until I found the ~$50 (not $120+) citrus juicer with a lever.
    chrome citrus press
    I have wanted one for YEARS (at least since my friend worked at Cra.te & B.arre.l one Xmas and let us shop with her discount) but couldn't see buying it when citrus wasn't thick on the ground. I now have a couple of sources for free lemons and oranges, and decided that yesterday was the day to make that dream come true. It works well enough that I can't justify upgrading, and it's cute with a vintage modern vibe. And my new faucet has enough clearance that I can just run it under the water to clean it off.
    glacier bay cheap but useful two handled chrome faucet

  3. Had lunch with a new colleague today. And just got a call from the glassblower I met last weekend and we're on for pumpkins this coming weekend. Also good.
Good. Good. So Good. Something tells me, something tells me, something tells me you can read my mind.

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