Wednesday, September 19, 2007

6 up, 6 down

Avast, mateys! Heave to and prepare to read the highlights of my day:

  1. Won a copy of Suz"Anne Brock"mann's book "Give Me Liberty" from an incredibly generous book club friend. Yay!!! I have horrible luck with lottery/raffle type things so I'm always flabergasted when I win something but this is extra fantastic - I don't think even Suz has spare copies of this book.

  2. I spent the morning being comatose on a chair in the Jury Lounge. They tell you that the threat of being able to call in a jury at the drop of a hat helps convince people to plea bargain and settle out of court. They called off lists of names twice to head into the courtrooms and my name didn't come up either time. This makes 6 jury duty calls with no trials sat and another 12 months off the hook. I spent the afternoon in the court's courtyard making vitamin D and trying to move around a bit to make up for my earlier hours of corpse-like stillness.

  3. We got to leave about an hour early. I was able to mail some stuff (glass ornaments I'm donating for a friend's charity auction) and get the car washed. It's not insane to wash it even if we're expecting rain as they also throw out my trash, vacuum the floors and seats, and wash the insides of the windows.

  4. I found the website for a glass hot shop that rents space in the Valley and sent them a query email. Hopefully I can schedule some time to make pumpkins. If not, I'll crank out more ornaments. I'm not super happy with all my current colors, and I'm having trouble making them small, but I should be able to fill my pre-orders soon and then make some more for the arts council sale in December (where I will also sell the wonky colored ones).

Now for the wonderful thrill of taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, and either re-wrapping 4 dozen ornaments or taking out even more trash so I have exercise space. Nothing but thrills in the crankyotter condo.


Junior said...

Meowm says she had jury duty when she lived in Lost Wages (I think she means Las Vegas) and she kinda enjoyed herself. She was even there for her birthday and still kinda enjoyed doing her civic duty!

Good luck with the glass blowing space!

Wade said...

Yeah, the last time I got summoned for jury duty, I sat there for two mornings and never got called. That's two years off the hook for me.