Friday, September 21, 2007


So, books, glass, and condo renovations are my hobbies of choice. Maybe a choir again one of these days. And I exercise, but not as much as I should - and is that a hobby or just a necessary thing? I don't really consider my eating to be a hobby generally, but brunch might be categorized as such. I've also got my secretary gig.

Anything I buy at the Border's today sends 10% to the local library, so I'm going to get a few things. The TBR pile is glaring at me more than compelling me right now. But I have no trouble keeping up with reading.

I need to ramp up my condo plans and actually figure out when to start my kitchen demo. Probably AFTER I get cabinets in and assemble them on the patio. But in order to get them in, I have to order them, which means knowing whether or not to keep the wraparound bar segment between the kitchen and dining area.

For the glass, we finally have progress! I just got a call from a guy who rents space in a glass studio closer to home than my usual place, and we're doing a meet-n-greet tomorrow! Yay! I think I'll take my sea monster to show him what I might wind up doing there. He doesn't have time this weekend, but maybe next weekend. And maybe, just maybe, I can start making some pumpkins. I make a mean pumpkin when I'm in the groove. This might be a repeat picture - clearly, I need more pictures.
clear glass pumpkins with orange and green stems


Anonymous said...


I want 2 of them... PLEASE!!!!!!

One for me and one for Mom. She's envious of the ball I gave my MIL but I told her about the pumpkin's so she's waiting for one....


Amy in sunny CA said...

What sea monster!! I don't think I've seen it . . . love the pumpkins!

Let me know when you start "production" and $ - I've got plans for your creations!

Once word gets out that you are in the "pumpkin" business, again - the orders will be coming!


Junior said...

WOO HOO!! Meowm and I will be hoping for the closer space tocome through.

We also want a picture of the sea monster!!