Monday, September 10, 2007

BodyRev Butt

I need something good to focus on since my tool appears to be jinxed and I have to pay yet another round of taxes. Or two.

  1. I got my first copy of Domino magazine today. It's a birthday present from friends who know I'm looking for style ideas. This is the kind of magazine you use for window shopping before you go to the thrift store and try to recreate the look for 10% of the cost. It comes with free stickers that say "renovate", "design", "shop" and the like which I can use to mark pages of interest. I know it's third grade, but some days I just love stickers.

  2. Even though I was reading my magazine, I did not spill, splash, or splatter anything oily on my shirt at lunch. At least I beat the odds on that.

  3. I can feel my butt. It's the burn that comes when you truly exercised and all the muscles are telling you so. Next time I take it back up after a couple week hiatus (with Pilates, TYVM), I'll try to remember not to use all the weights on the first day. The burn is preventing a lot of forward bending movement. On the plus side, I have excellent posture today because there is no other choice.


trudy said...

Oh my are describing me thoroughly. I decided to do the whole suite....legs, cardio, abs, legs yesterday. I then canned most of the day, so I was somewhat active.....

Today, I can't get up from a seat without almost flinging myself on the floor, my butt hurts so bad. I thought maybe I did something wrong. What is surprising to me is that I have been kickboxing for over a month and I really thought I'd be fine....whoa Nellie...I am feeling the burn today.

Tomorrow is kickboxing, so I hope I can stretch everything out and get back to normal.

Junior said...

Meowm had to laugh when she read about your sore butt. She said she has had a sore butt from aerobics sore that she couldn't stand up and sit down properly on the toilet.

Here's hoping you get all stretched out (I could give you some lessons there cause cats are excellent stretchers) and feeling better.

Wade said...

I remember when I got back into running again after a long hiatus, and my thighs were just KILLING me the next day. Oddly enough, everything was fine. ???

CrankyOtter said...

I did the legs and abs. My back is a little sore from the bridges, but the abs are otherwise fine because I've been keeping up with them and doing the pilates.

But OMG! My second day of slow starting my walking is alarming. The muscle that connects to the center of my butt and my inner thighs take a while to warm up every time I stand. So I stand up and move like a robot for a while, waddling and lurching about until I warm up. I could use a good kitty inspired stretch :)

You'd think that after a year of BodyReving fairly regularly, I could take 3 weeks off (during which I *did* run a couple times) but apparently you'd be wrong if you thought that.

Trudy, what did you can? Tell me all about it. I'm a sucker for "putting food away".

trudy said...

Saturday, Lora and I canned two bushels of the beginning, I thought they were beautiful. After 6 hours of peeling them, I relized they were the Devil's spawn.....but, I think we canned 40 quarts, so it was productive.

As a kindness, Lora gave me mega veggies. I brought home zucchini, yellow squash and acorn squash....some yellow hot peppers and a bunch of green peppers. So, I made something called Pepper Dash, which my grandma used to can. You take green and red peppers (sweet) and onions in equal measure. You put them through a meat grinder and then brine them with sugar and vinegar. I found a recipe because the one I have in my grandma's writing did not have direction, just a mish mosh of ingredients. It was as delicious as I remembered. You taste the peppers, but with sweet and was great on chicken.

I also grew a large amount of basil, so I made pesto and froze it. I also made a batch of tabbouli, which was great.

Dinner was grilled chicken with pepper dash, grilled sqaush and tabbouli......oh, I also took a quart of the tomatoes we canned and made that into amogue...have you heard of it? It's what we call Italian Salsa.....diced tomatoes with as much pressed garlic as you can stand, with a splash of olive oil and basil. Very potent stuff, but one of hubby's we were happy on Sunday.

By the way, at kickboxing yesterday, we started with hand weights......well, my butt isn't as sore, but my arms are. Beauty is pain!!!

CrankyOtter said...

Amogue sounds great. Thanks for sharing! I should try that some time, once I get a freezer where I can store the extra. I don't know if I want to picture blanching that many quarts of tomatoes, and eating them through the fall and winter would be good. But doing it with friends would make it MUCH more fun. Same as with the cookie baking party.

I should figure out something to can and have a canning party. My first thought was cranberry garlic chutney - the cranberries are from my OLD state and the garlic from my NEW state. Pickles too. Although this idea made me think of canning salmon which made me think of moose butchering day. I think I'll stick with vegetarian canning for now.

I really need to get through as much of BootCamp as I can today. I need the arm work too. But I should do my minutes first.