Sunday, September 16, 2007

Artsy Medicine Woman

There was a medium sized, varied draw, art show in my town this weekend. I didn't make it Saturday because I had to go pick up my own art. I had just shy of 2 dozen glass ornaments to get from the studio. They're mostly all good, although I'm iffy on the new red. It was a lovely day and after noon, so I took a canyon road over to Malibu and drove along the coast. In addition to the fine (low 80s, sunny) weather I got a chance to talk with a friend who is feeling much happier than the last time we spoke, and my grandma who got the birthday card, into which I'd tucked some postcards of the local area where I'd marked things related to my new life.

I also got to see where they are filming on the 105. Westbound was open, eastbound had cameras, still cars waiting for the scene to start, and a bunch of semis, "landscaping" trucks, and canteen trucks. There were two cars sitting side by side with drivers in them, doing nothing, so while exciting for my first glimpse of filming action scenes, there's room for more excitement.

But that drive only sucked up a couple hours. Then I had to make a spin by work to check on some data out of a cranky tool. It's running ok, but not great, and it wasn't a call I wanted to delegate to a tech. By then, I was STARVING, so I went to the place that makes a great avocado burger (after stealing some grapes and Fritos from the tech). The burger place also has the free newspaper most like the Boston Phoenix which lists all the cool stuff to do. I searched through the paper to find out where the art fair was - I had thought Moorpark Rd, but couldn't see any sign of it from the freeway - and dang it, I couldn't find it in the paper either. So I backtracked a couple blocks to the library where I knew they posted a sign. And where was the fair? Next door to my house. Of course.

The fair was closed up by the time I meandered over there, but I got ahold of a friend in the area and she was able to get a kid free evening which we blew on Thai Food, gossip, and sitting on my new couch.

Today I got up bright and late and wandered to the fair. I immediately bought a new ring. (I wear rings and necklaces, mostly.) It's in 3 parts so I can fiddle with it. Then I started thinking that I should start looking for christmas gifts. There was a wide range of stuff there - most of it was paintings and out of my price range, but some was smaller, more affordable stuff in various media. I met one artist who welds found stuff into animal shapes (I want a turtle), and dyes the fringes of her tiny dog's huge ears bright red. She was quite nice (and might be willing to trade glass for a turtle). I found some cool stuff for gifts and for me. And I got an application for a booth at the arts council December fair.

What makes this day just a little surreal is that one of the booths was Jane Seymour's art and books. This would be whatserface Quinn, Medicine Woman and for some reason the thing I remember most about her was that she had twins at age 42. She was there the same times I was, scheduled in to sign things. For part of the time was also getting interviewed by someone with a big camera. Her art was ok and I couldn't afford it. She also had kids books that I considered, given the number of people I know who have and are reproduc-ed/-ing. I could have even gotten them signed, but I wigged out a bit and couldn't bring myself to touch anything. Normally, I'm a big fan of buying signed books from authors.

Then I went shopping while hungry. Bought a ton of new food. What did I eat? Leftover Thai and seedless watermelon. Because I didn't read the sign on the other side of the watermelon bin. I wanted seeds, dammit! SEEDS! Although really, I just want flavor. And you reader(s) might want a point to this story; it's not your lucky day.

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