Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sluts Across the Street 8

Because "Sluts Across the Street" 1 through 7 were AWESOME! CrankyOtter is courting an NC-17 rating today. Because it was a good day.

  1. My brother and I were yakking on the phone again. At some point he wound up flipping through the pay per view channels while we discussed dating verses booty calls and SAtS8 and subsequent commentary was part of the dramatic reading that ensued. That boy cracks me up.

  2. I have been listening to Into the Storm on an mp3 audiobook signed by the author. The inscription says "Enjoy Patrick as Izzy" because Suz was channelling this narrator's voice when writing one of the main characters. Izzy and Jenk and friends remind me of my brother and his posse - same age, same banter, same physicality but in better shape. Bro was telling me about when he last played tackle football with younger friends. While he was the only guy to catch the ball every time, he was so slow that the scrawny guy in geek glasses was able to give him turf burns on his cheek and a bleeding nostril. On each side, in back to back tackles. He's old enough now to afford professional dermabrasion instead.

  3. Work went well. I got a "Thanks" award for $100. A cost savings team I was part of saved 4X what we were asked to save. (This project also netted me the thanks vacuum cleaner.) The people who were supposed to process my wafers actually did. I have a process for my new tool. And I didn't have to scramble to update my bi-weekly "projects update" file because I had updated it as I went along for the first time ever. There were pretty charts and everything.

  4. Lunch was not lonely! The past secretary for our SWE chapter met me for a data transfer. I am the new suckersecretary. We had a good chat, and since she works next door at Amgen we made plans to make plans for lunch more often, and a nice walk after work! She reminds me a lot of a good friend from Boston who could talk me down off the cliff at lunch. Only not a foodie.

  5. I learned a new mashed up word: adorkable!

  6. Other people told me about good things going on for them - new job interview, new coffee, solid everyday goodness.

  7. Lots of blog traffic. Thanks everyone, I love comments!


farmwifetwo said...

HEY!!! I emailed you a response to that post below :)

I see you and R&R waded in late yesterday.

I simply refuse to open them any longer... And you'll find there's a lot of red on my screen b/c I only checked in under those people I enjoy reading.


Anonymous said...

Had to take the little one to the bus.

I do wade in when I feel like it. That response you told me to keep wasn't done out of anger, spite, rudeness etc but with a lot of thought, head shaking and eye rolling. There's no point in being mad... cause there are opinions you will never change but every so often I like to post my own and I do try hard not to be rude about it. Some may claim differently, but I do try.

But this time I have been offended. B/c it's done without thought and without learning about the people on the bb. I would never dream to post as she has on LRK's new book club bb. Except for one person, all of them are strangers. I would never dream to talk as she has to strangers face to face.

Which makes it arrogant and rude. She'll learn and either she'll adapt or get shunned for a while and stay or leave.

The "stereotypical" (from a Cnd perspective - watch CBC's "talking to American's") yankee comments offend me b/c the bb members are NOT stereotypical and they are just immature, thoughtless, tactless posts. The "it's ok if my bro is gay but not anyone else" on personal and religious grounds. IMO is just WRONG. B/c being gay is who he is and if she doesn't accept it, than in her heart, she doesn't accept him either. Nor does she accept Suz's characters, or believe in the message of tolerance and understanding she's trying to teach.


Amy in sunny CA said...

I had to laugh at the $100 "award" - if only you could reap what you saved the company . . . now that would be a REWARD!

Sounds like lots of smiles yesterday - have a great (almost) weekend.


ps - I agree with you, farmwifetwo & others about the bb . . .

CrankyOtter said...

Yeah, for saving $400K a year, we each got $100 and a pick-from-a-catalogue-gift. But still, a small recognition is better than nothing. And this is more than I'm used to. At my last job, they just gave you a standard $25 for this sort of thing. The gift I got for this team is worth more than the 5 year service anniversary gift.